123TokenMe- Teach skills. Improve behaviors.


A powerful token system tool that assists therapists, teachers, and parents

Helps to assist with what? Teaching new skills and improving challenging behaviors

Replace your token boards. Cutting? Laminating? Lost tokens? No more! Saves you lots of time and money

Multiple positive reinforcement opportunities in every 123TokenMe session

Amazingly flexible and customizable. Plus, a touch of fun

Choose from 1- 20 stylized tokens for each target behavior

Input multiple, individualized target behaviors or goals for each student

Select up to 10 rewards for each student. Easily add updated and motivating rewards (Up to three on iPhone)

Set a countdown timer as a staff reminder to look for the targeted behavior

Records key data from each 123TokenMe session to improve decision making

Work with 1- 6 students simultaneously. Switch student boards with a single tap

Store unlimited students. Input your entire caseload into 123TokenMe


123TokenMe Solo

All of the above that works with one student, learner, or child

Perfect for a parent to mirror goals and behaviors being worked on in school

Allows a therapist or teacher to try it out before moving to unlimited students.


123TokenMe App Store icon

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123TokenMe setup- 59 seconds

The first time that you open 123TokenMe you will be guided through the setup. There are three steps: 1) Add a teacher. 2) Add a student. 3) Add a target behavior. The target behavior is an existing behavior you are working to improve, or a new behavior, skill, or task that you are teaching.

123TokenMe Customization Tips- 111 seconds

After being guided through the initial setup, this video highlights four customization tips: 1) Smile! Give your student a photo. 2) Choose and add rewards. 3) Change tokens and backgrounds. 4) Add students and choose groups. Finished viewing? You’re ready to start awarding tokens and motivating behaviors.

Photorial #1- Why it works- SoloExciting news! We’ve launched a series of 123TokenMe photorials. For those that live or work with ‪#‎Autism‬ and other ‪#‎SpecialNeeds‬, 123TokenMe is a powerful positive reinforcement tool. Yet, it’s simple to use. The one child version, 123TokenMe Solo, is just a 99¢ download from the Apple App Store. Both 123TokenMe (Works with unlimited students) and 123TokenMe Solo work on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod. See for yourself if it can assist you.


Photorial 1: Why it works. Three words are highlighted in this photorial- fun, simple, and powerful. In a nutshell, that is why 123TokenMe is so effective.

Quick tips for 123TokenMe- 161 seconds

After being guided through the initial setup of 123TokenMe this video will highlight several tips to get you ready to start awarding tokens and improving behaviors.

Explore the Settings Icon- 111 seconds

The settings icon is a powerful tool. A hallmark of 123TokenMe is the flexibility to quickly make adjustments that mirror rapidly changing student needs and preferences. Learn more in this video.

Add Students and their Photos- 45 seconds

Easily add your students, children, or clients to 123TokenMe. In addition, start personalizing by adding their photos. Student photos are another great opportunity to increase student motivation and fun. Smile!

123TokenMe Setup- 67 seconds

You will be guided through the 123TokenMe setup the first time you open it. There are three steps, and this video shows all three: 1) Add your name. 2) Add a child. 3) Add a target behavior. The target behavior is an existing behavior that you are working to improve, or a new behavior, task, or skill you are teaching.

FAQs, Definitions & Bonus Hints
Purchasing 123TokenMe

The "Buy Me" tab from the websiteSimply click the "Buy Me" tab on the 123apps4Me website. You will find links on the "Buy Me" page that will take you to the App Store where 123TokenMe can be purchased.


Or, to get there even quicker, click below:

The App Store link for 123TokenMe.


Lots & lots of studentsThe answer is yes. Although, at some point after you have added over 10,000 students your iPad will run out of memory. Please send the 123apps4Me team an email when you input your 10,001st student. We will not only be extremely impressed, but we will feature you in a 123Blog post. A really, really, really long post.

The price...The price? 123TokenMe is only $9.99.

This price is for the purchase of the app. That's right- this is not a monthly fee, a fee per student, a fee per teacher, or a "try it out for sixty days" price. For a powerful tool that assists you in teaching skills and improving behaviors, this will surely pay for itself many times over.

123TokenMe thought: Think about it... you probably spend way more on supplies to design, laminate and velcro token boards. And, this does not take into account your valuable time saved, or the "lost token frustration" that will be gone forever.

123TokenMe Set-Up

Can one photo explain 123TokenMe?Can just one photo explain 123TokenMe?-This photo captures a 123TokenMe session in progress. Summer is the teacher, and Ali is the student currently displayed. Three other students (JP, Billy, and Ethan) are just one tap away from Summer being able to swap their personalized token system with Ali's.

-Ali has chosen the butterfly token and the turquoise background. Summer decided on eight tokens. She could have chosen from 1-20 tokens. Â So far, Ali has earned six of the eight.

-Ali and Summer worked together to pick five rewards from the reward chest. They could have chosen from 1-10. One of these rewards, the purse, was added just this morning. Ali's mother laughed that this was her new "must have" accessory when she dropped off Ali. Summer quickly added it to the reward chest by taking its photo.

-Ali started this session with stuffed animals as her favorite reward. Ali lost this reward, however, when Summer dragged it to the left, away from the favorite position. In addition, Summer double tapped the stuffed animals, which gave them a big "red X" visual reminder. Losing the chance to play with the stuffed animals after this session is over will help remind Ali to keep her hands to herself. Not that JP didn't deserve the poke!

-After Ali "lost" the stuffed animals, she chose the blue Chinese doll that lives in the toy chest in Summer's classroom as her current favorite, or preferred, reward.Â

-Summer set Ali's timer reminder for 30 seconds. She could have set it from 5 seconds to 90 minutes. It has been thirteen seconds since Ali's last token was awarded. Ali has been doing much better this past week at her targeted behavior of "Sit calm." Summer is planning to increase the timer setting, or the time between being awarded a token, to 45 seconds after a few more sessions. Summer is using data collected over the last month to help with her decision. This information is accessible under the data icon.Â

-Billy's photo frame has turned orange-- Yikes! Billy's reminder time is set at 45 seconds, so it has been more than 45 seconds since he was awarded a token. The color change helps remind Summer to check if Billy is demonstrating his targeted behavior... and, hopefully, award him another token. Summer could have also set an optional audio reminder under the settings icon and options tab. If, for example, she had chosen a bell sound, a "ding" would have sounded when the countdown timer reached zero. These visual and audio reminders assist both the student and teacher.

-Explore the website to discover the amazing flexibility and customization that 123TokenMe provides. Even better, download it by going to the App Store. It is extremely intuitive, so give yourself a few minutes of exploring, tapping, and dragging, and you will be a 123TokenMe expert soon.


Favorite reward is a frog

The favorite reward is the reward that your student is working for in the current 123TokenMe session. Any reward can be dragged to the far right to become the favorite. The favorite reward can be exchanged with another reward by dragging. The favorite is highlighted by its location, larger size, and gold colored frame. It is not necessary to designate a favorite, as some teachers do not want to give preference to any one reward. In the example above, the green, squishy frog has been chosen as the favorite reward. The frog just became a reward this morning by the teacher tapping the "Add Reward" button in the reward chest and snapping a photo of it with her camera. Tap, snap, and splash right into the chest.


123TokenMe bonus hint: Let your student take a role in this process. How about letting your student drag the reward that they want to be their favorite? This will help to increase "buy-in" as well as to focus attention. Speaking from experience, it is fun to watch the smile that often takes place when the reward transforms into its favored status.


Reward shelf

From 0- 10 rewards can be placed on the 123TokenMe reward shelf. Dragging a reward all the way to the right will transform it into the favorite reward. Dragging a reward back to the reward chest will remove it from the shelf. Rewards can be rearranged by simply dragging them to another location. This feature could be used to arrange the rewards in the order of your student's preference. In the example shown above, there are five rewards on the reward shelf, and the train is the favorite reward.


Reward shelf with a reward "X'ed"


123TokenMe reward shelf surprise: Double tapping on a reward will place a large "X" across the reward. This symbolizes that this reward has been "lost," which acts as a powerful visual reinforcer for the student. In the example shown above, the former favorite, the train, has been "lost." The dinosaurs have been moved to the favorite spot and the train was dragged all the way to the left. It could have been dragged back to the treasure chest to remove it entirely from the shelf. Can the "X" be removed? Is the train lost forever, or can your student get it back? Don't fret-- simply double tap the train again.

Timer iconThe timer is included as a useful tool based on hours of frustration with old fashioned token boards. The timer allows an optimal time interval to be set for awarding tokens for a targeted behavior. The reminder time period serves as a subtle reminder to observe for the targeted behavior and award your student a token if they are performing their targeted behavior. This can be critical to shaping new or improved behaviors.The reminder time can be easily set or changed from 5 seconds (for quick, highly repeated targeted behaviors) to 90 minutes. The default time period is "Off", or 00:00 seconds, so you will need to set the timer for a targeted behavior requiring a reminder time. The chosen reminder time is shown directly below the timer icon.


The countdown clock starts when a session is started, or whenever a token is awarded or removed. It will either countdown to zero, or automatically reset when a token is awarded or removed. If the time reaches zero, the student's photo frame turns orange- a cue for the teacher to check that student. This is a great tool to help keep reinforcement consistent. In addition to the orange frame visual cue, an optional audio cue can be set through the Settings Icon/Options Tab. For example, a "ding" is one of several sounds that can be chosen to sound when the countdown clock reaches zero. These cues can be helpful for both student and teacher.

123TokenMe Version 1.1.1 update: The default sound for the timer is a "bell" sound. If no sound, or another sound, is desired for the timer expiration it can be changed under the options tab found by tapping the settings icon.

Important timer notes: 1) Tapping the timer icon will start/stop the timer and the countdown period for the student currently in session. 2) Pressing the timer icon will allow a choice to start/stop the timer and countdown period for all one to six students currently on the board. Also a session can be reset for the student currently shown in session. This will reset the session and delete all data from the non-completed session.

Student photo of DavidStudent photos are displayed at the top of the 123TokenMe screen. Each photo, or silhouette, represents a student or child that is currently being worked with. From one to six students can be displayed at once.

Cool surprise #1: Student photos can be dragged right or left to rearrange their order. This is very helpful, since it allows you to mirror the same order that your students appear before you in your classroom or other setting.


Angie's student photo with time expired orange photo frameEven cooler surprise #2: If the tokening reminder time reaches zero the nameplate on the photo turns orange. This is a visual reminder for you to encourage and/or look for the targeted behavior. "Angie, let's see those calm hands in your lap...Good job." or, "David, say 'Red Rover' again? You're on a roll... you can do it."

123TokenMe bonus hint: You will find that most students are motivated by seeing their photo displayed on the screen. Photos are easy to take and add, so think about changing photos often- another great opportunity to motivate positive behavior. Maybe take a photo of the student engaging correctly in the targeted behavior? A silly face photo? A favorite outfit or hat? Don't be shy in trying out new ideas with 123TokenMe. It was designed to provide maximum flexibility for the teacher and personalization for the student.


Bonus hint #2: We took a photo of a student's favorite super hero and used this as his photo for several sessions. It was fun for both him and the whole class. Remember, 123TokenMe was also designed to have a "touch of fun." So... include some fun for your student, child or client.

Reward chestTap the reward chest and it opens to reveal the rewards contained within. It comes pre-loaded with several popular, generic rewards. Tapping on a reward moves it to the reward shelf. Drag the favorite, or most preferred, reward to the heart position for a special reminder. This item gets larger: Yes, that's what I am working for!


In Version 1.1 ten balls, numbered from 1-10, were added to the reward chest. These are useful for counting or sequential tasks. Tap them when on the reward shelf while a session is underway and a large green check appears on the ball. This signifies completion of this portion of the task.


Don't want a particular reward anymore?There are two ways to put something easily back in the chest. If the chest is opened, tap its dimmed photo and the reward jumps back into the chest. Or, drag a reward from the reward shelf back to the closed chest to quickly put it away.


Reward chest openedAdding rewards? Easy. Simply tap the "Add Reward" button in the open chest, and use the camera, or a photo from the library, to add your own customized rewards.


123TokenMe bonus hint: Create to motivate. Adding new rewards is easy, so make sure to always keep the student's current favorite items in the reward chest. No standard reward list could possibly capture every reward, so take photos of preferred items in your classroom, home, clinic or playground. Favorite rewards can change quickly for a student. Maybe today it as a red and yellow plastic gear, a certain book, or an app on a phone. Tomorrow it may be something entirely different. Take photos of these specific items and turn them into powerful motivators by including them in a constantly updated reward chest. Out of pretzels today? Read the options available under Settings Icon/Rewards Tab to further customize or limit choices in the reward chest.

Photo highlights camera icon on BillySimple. Just tap the camera icon in the left corner of your student's photo frame. This will take you to a screen where you can either take a new photo of your student, or use an existing photo from your library. However, will you ever be able to capture a better photo of Billy?


Photo of JP washing his hands123TokenMe bonus hint: Be creative with your choice of photos. How about highlighting your student performing their targeted behavior correctly? Or, photograph your student with their favorite reward? Or, take a photo that frames your student's hands if you are emphasizing a target behavior such as "Calm hands" or "Keep hands to yourself" or "Wash hands." In other words, use this easily changeable photo as an additional tool to motivate improved behavior.

Arrow pointing to camera icon on Learner/Student silhouetteStudent photo of David with orange backgroundEasy. Simply tap the camera icon at the left corner of the student silhouette. This will take you to a screen where you can take a photo of the student, or use an existing photo from your library.

123TokenMe bonus hint: You will find that most students are motivated by seeing their photo displayed on the screen. Student photos are simple to add and change, so consider changing photos regularly to provide you with another subtle opportunity to work on the targeted behavior.

The initial set up for 123TokenMe includes three steps:


Teacher icon1. Add a teacher: Tap on the teacher icon and then tap on the "Add Teacher" button. Only your first name is required. Your name now appears on the screen, as well as on the teacher list.

Student icon2. Add a student: Tap on the student icon and then tap on the "Add Student" button. Only a first name is needed. The student or child that you added now appears as a silhouette in a photo frame at the top of the screen, as well as on your student list.

3. Add a target behavior and choose token settings: Tap the red bubble that appears by the student that you just added. Tap the "Add Target Behavior" button and enter the target behavior for your student. In addition, you decide on the number of tokens from 1-20 (The default is 5 tokens) for this behavior, and the token reminder time from 5 seconds to 90 minutes (The default for the timer is "off"). Next, help your student choose their token type and background.


CONGRATULATIONS. You are ready to start working with your first student. 123TokenMe is extremely intuitive. Tap all of the the icons, the reward chest, and the timer to discover its rich flexibility and how easy it is to personalize for each of your students.

Contact us for a question not in the FAQsSimple. Use the "Contact Us" form immediately below this FAQ section, or you use the Contact form found under the "About" tab. Someone from the 123apps4Me team will strive to answer your question quickly. Unless it is a weekend, a weekday before 10 AM, during the lunch hours, or after 2 PM. Just kidding, because your input is appreciated.


123TokenMe bonus prize: If your question is amazingly insightful it will be added to the 123apps4Me website as a brand new FAQ. Wow!

Home Screen Icons

Settings icon with blue backgroundTap the settings icon and you will find five tabs- Teachers, Students, Tokens, Rewards and Options. Each tab contains powerful tools for you to access the full flexibility and customization possibilities of 123TokenMe. Each of these five tabs is explained under its own individual FAQ below.


Settings icon- all five tabs displayed

Help icon- purple backgroundTapping the info icon overlays labels onto the home screen. The labels identify each individual portion of the home screen. In addition, links to video tutorials and other 123TokenMe resources are available when the Info icon is tapped.


There is a User Guide available through the info icon. Like these FAQs, it can help steer you from your initial 123TokenMe setup to utilizing 123TokenMe for sophisticated skill teaching and behavior improvement.

Token icon on gold backgroundTap the token icon to instantly change the token type (from the cookie to the soccer ball, for example), and/or to change the background (from the turquoise color to the grass texture) for the student shown on the board. These changes can be made at any time, even mid-session.


123TokenMe bonus hint: Choosing the token type and background can be a powerful, additional reinforcer for your student. Let your student help in both these choices and change them frequently to keep your students motivated.


Hint #2: Use different background colors for each student in group sessions. This helps to quickly differentiate between students during active learning with just a brief glance. It is particularly helpful when multiple students in a session choose the same token type.

Student iconTapping the student icon allows you to perform two main tasks:

First, add a new student(s) by tapping the "Add Student" button. Add or change a photo of any student on the board by tapping the camera button in the top left corner of their photo/silhouette. Once students are on the board, drag their photo frames to arrange them in the same order they appear before you.


An unlimited number of individuals can be added to 123TokenMe. Imagine your entire caseload, your whole classroom of students, or all of your children can be input and stored in 123TokenMe.

Tapping student icon reveals the student listSecond, tap from one to six students on your student list to choose the students for the current session. All selected students will have a check mark by their name, and their photos on the board. In the example shown here, Summer has seven students on her list and is currently working with five of them- Abby, Billy, Ethan, Mia and Mikey. Summer taps any student on her list to toggle between adding/removing them from the current 123TokenMe session. She can tap the blue arrow button for any student and it will take her directly to their personalized screen.

Data icon- green backgroundPrepare to be surprised when you tap the data icon and a monthly calendar appears. Choose either the teacher or student tab to see how many times students were awarded for earning all their tokens in a day. Data drives better decisions that are easier to justify and are essential for best practice. Use the data collected through 123TokenMe, together with your notes, to facilitate your decision making process.

123TokenMe Version 1.1: Tap the number of completed sessions on a specific date to get a popover that contains "Level Two" data. This data is powerful. It shows the length of time it took to complete every session, and can be looked at in student, teacher, and target behavior categories. The time recorded begins when the timer is tapped to start the session. It ends when the final token is awarded. If the session is paused mid-session by tapping the timer, 123TokenMe automatically excludes all paused time from the total time calculation.

Notes icon on red backgroundTapping the notes icon allows the teacher or parent to add notes that are automatically stamped with the teacher's name as well as the date and time. Notes can be easily attached to the records of one or more specific students at this location with a simple tap.

123TokenMe bonus hint: Unlike old fashioned token boards, 123TokenMe automatically collects data. Take full advantage of this, by adding notes that will help you analyze the data. Was your student, child or client not feeling well on a certain day? Was there a breakthrough to be celebrated? Why did you add a new target behavior or change the number of tokens? Is there something to share with the student's parents? Utilize your notes to multiply the data's usefulness.

Teacher iconTap the teacher icon to add a teacher, or to switch between teachers, parents, or therapists using 123TokenMe. From the list of teachers, tap the name of the teacher that is currently using the app. This will place a check mark by their name, and will display their name on the screen for easy identification. Tapping the blue arrow button for any teacher or parent takes you to their personalized screen.

123TokenMe Bonus Hint:It is important that the teacher name matches the teacher awarding the tokens. This ensures that all data and notes are recorded with the correct teacher.

Settings Icon

Rewards Tab

The Rewards Tab allows you to deactivate a reward by tapping its "check mark" button. Deactivating a reward means that it will not appear as a choice in the reward chest. To reactivate, tap the "check mark" again. Rewards should be deactivated when they are unavailable or less desirable. In addition, some students may find the choices overwhelming, so it may be necessary to limit rewards.


Individualized rewards can be added by tapping the "Add Reward" button and using the camera or your photo library. A reward that you have added may be deleted by tapping the minus button. The pre-loaded rewards cannot be deleted, only deactivated.


123TokenMe bonus hint: A student's preferred reinforcer may change quickly. One day (or hour) it may be a basketball. All of a sudden the desired reward might be a green squishy frog or a certain game. Keep up with these rapidly changing preferences by using the "Add Reward" button in the reward chest. It is fast and easy to add a rewardto the chest, so keep your rewards current to help ensure that motivation stays high.

Options tab which is accessed through the Settings icon

From the Options Tab you can make several self- explanatory default choices. You may also choose from several sounds that can be added for token taps, timer expiration, and award show. The default for all sound choices is "None", or silent.


Sounds can be helpful with certain students and certain behaviors to give an audio cue. For example, it is sometimes helpful to have an audio reminder when the timer expires in addition to the automatic visual cues.


123TokenMe Version 1.1: Another option for customization and motivation is included in this version. Under Sounds, you now have the ability to record up to three of your own sounds. Use your voice, a student's voice, or a favorite classroom sound. Just imagine the creative possibilities with this option.

The "Tokens" tab accessible under the home screen Settings icon

The Tokens Tab allows you to deactivate a token by tapping its "check mark" button. When deactivated, a token will not appear as a choice available to students. Reactivating a token is as simple as tapping the "check mark" button again. Tokens may be deactivated for a variety of purposes. For example, a teacher may limit choices to those which provide additional curriculum and vocabulary learning opportunities. Additional thematic token sets will be available through in-app purchases in future a future 123TokenMe update.


123TokenMe is designed to be personalized. This keeps students and children motivated for learning. Tokens themselves provide an additional reinforcement value. Allow students to choose their favorite token type at the onset of each session to increase their participation and motivation in the learning process.


Two additional features keep students engaged from token-to-token: 1) Each token magically transforms when it is awarded. With just a tap, a dog biscuit becomes a dog, a chocolate chip bakes into a cookie, and a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. 2) After earning the last token in a session, celebrate success with a quick, animated award show.

Students Tab

From the Students Tab you can make a wide range of changes quickly and efficiently. You can add, edit, or delete any student.


You can also add, edit, or delete a target behavior from this tab. In addition, adjust the number of tokens, reminder time, background color, and token type associated with this behavior. Notes for this student may be added or edited. Add or change a student photo by tapping the "edit" button in the neck of the silhouette or photo.


Note of caution: Be careful about deleting, because all collected data will be permanently lost for the deleted student or target behavior.


123TokenMe bonus hint: Whether you are a teacher, parent, therapist, or behaviorist, you know how quickly things can change with your students. Almost instantaneously, right? How nice to have a tool at your fingertips that can be changed just as quickly.

The "Teachers" tab which is accessed under the Settings icon on the home screen.

The Teachers Tab allows you to add, edit, or delete a teacher. Add or change a teacher photo by tapping the "edit" button at the neck of the teacher silhouette.


All notes that you input as a teacher are shown on your screen under the Teachers Tab. General notes are shown, as well as notes you have attached to individual student(s). A teacher can add notes for themselves and/or students on this screen.


Note of caution: Be careful about deleting. Warnings are provided before you are permitted to delete. Deleting a teacher also deletes all of their collected data and any notes written by this teacher.


123TokenMe bonus hint: All notes that you input as a teacher are shown on your screen under the Teachers tab. General notes are shown, as well as notes that you have attached to individual student(s). This is an efficient way to make record keeping easier and to tie your comments directly to the data automatically collected by 123TokenMe.

Questions from Users

Angela L. emailed about not beingiPad external buttons able to hear the sounds she had chosen under the 123TokenMe options tab. In her words, "123TokenMe is so much easier than carrying around two timers, laminated boards, etc. What I am missing with the sound that would make it absolutely perfect is that the student needs the auditory cue so that he is both visually and auditorially reminded of his success. I am tokening two items: One is a behavior while the other is toilet training."


Fortunately, we were quickly able to diagnose this issue- Angela's iPad's side switch was unknowingly set to mute. This can be very confusing, because when this switch is set to mute the volume on videos and other media playback is not muted. Only sounds such as alerts are muted. Here is a link to the official Apple explanation of how the side switch works. Note: This side switch is also used to lock the iPad view rotation.


Thanks for your inquiry, Angela. Hopefully our diagnosis will help other users. Even more importantly, hopefully 123TokenMe continues to assist you in your work with students.


In 123TokenMe the dog biscuit changes into a dog when a token is awardedA token system can be an effective and efficient strategy for teaching skills and improving behaviors. Variations of token systems are commonly used in home, clinical, and classroom settings. They include token boards, star charts, marble jars, and gold coins. In each of these settings, an individual or group is awarded a token upon completion of a task, or upon displaying a targeted behavior for a set amount of time. A token is a visual or tangible symbol and functions as a type of reinforcer. After earning a predetermined number, tokens are cashed- in or exchanged for something the individual finds valuable and motivating.


123TokenMe is unique because of its flexibility and ease to personalize token systems. Both the teacher/parent and student/child play an active role in designing an effective system. Student involvement increases "buy-in" and motivation. This, in turn, speeds up the learning process.


The teacher modifies a target behavior systematically as a student progresses closer to an outcome goal. The ultimate outcome is for students to be able to perform skills on their own in the real world. This means independently and appropriately without extra reinforcement required. Changes should be made to the token system parameters as behaviors are shaped. These changes should work towards increasing the time before a student receives reinforcement, and should help to maintain learning momentum. Teachers may adjust the number of tokens to be awarded before reinforcement (1- 20 tokens) and the optimal time interval between receiving tokens (0- 90 minutes).


The student plays a role by selecting their token type and background based on interests and favorites. The student chooses their rewards, or what they want to work for, and may order choices from least preferred to favorite.


Using a token system works most effectively when implemented consistently. Verbal social praise that includes specific positive feedback referencing the target behavior should occur each time a token is awarded, such as, "Great singing with your friends, Mia." "I like the way you are keeping your hands to yourself, Ethan!" "Cool sitting, Izzy."


Skilled users may incorporate additional behavioral strategies with the 123TokenMe system: response cost and differential reinforcement. With response cost, awarded tokens may be removed and reinstated by tapping. Use the reward shelf to incorporate differential reinforcement options. Reinforcers may be placed in preference order on the reward shelf by dragging. Return an item to the chest, or double-tap a reward to place a bold, red "X" on it. Either action reminds students, I lost this choice and I need to be cool. Designate the most-preferred reinforcement choice by dragging it to the heart, located at the right end of the reward shelf. When it is placed on the heart, the item becomes larger, and the simple silver frame turns to gold. These changes are a powerful positive reminder: Look- this is what I am working for!


123TokenMe bonus hint: With old-fashioned token systems, the only motivation occurs when a session ends and the student is usually given a time period to play with or use their chosen reward.

Chocolate chip to cookie transformation

Caterpillar to butterfly transformationWith 123TokenMe, however, every time a token is awarded it is a mini-motivation for the student. Why? 1) The tokens are engaging. 2) The student has been involved in the choice of token. 3) Whenever a token is awarded, a "magical" transformation takes place- the dog bone transforms into a dog, the chocolate chip bakes into a cookie, or the caterpillar grows into a butterfly.

So, 1, 2, 3... Enjoy!

Data icon- green backgroundThe total number of completed 123TokenMe sessions per day are automatically recorded and displayed on a calendar individualized for each student and teacher. Scroll the monthly historical records to note trends. Review your 123TokenMe notes to provide insight into why token parameters were changed. Illness? Lack of sleep? Problem with a peer? Use this collected information for improved accountability and informed, data- driven decision making.

Data collection plays a critical role in guiding program decisions and managing behaviors. Old-fashioned token boards did not provide statistics regarding how often students received reinforcement on a given day. Reference the data collected through either version of 123TokenMe to help in your analysis of behavior patterns.


123TokenMe Version 1.1 update: A powerful upgrade to the automatic data collection is included in this version. Tap the number of completed sessions on a specific date to get a popover that contains "Level Two" data. This shows the length of time it took to complete every session, and can be looked at in student, teacher, and target behavior categories. The time recorded begins when the timer is tapped to start the session. It ends when the final token is awarded. If the session is paused mid-session by tapping the timer, 123TokenMe automatically excludes all paused time from the total time calculation.


The 123TokenMe screen to add or modify a target behaviorA target behavior is a specific behavior, or goal, that is desired. It is observable and measurable, and is typically accomplished with many practice opportunities. The teacher. parent, therapist, or behaviorist plays a role in providing positive feedback and reinforcement in the learning process.


Particularly when new skills are being introduced, the teacher keeps learning moving quickly by breaking the target behavior into small, achievable steps. This strategy shapes behavior and increasingly brings the student closer and closer to the outcome goal.


Target behavior examples: Sit calmly for three minutes. Use words. Respond to peers. Take a bite. Imitate teacher. Pronounce 'ch' as in 'chair' correctly. Brush teeth. Write upper case letters. Follow an instruction. Throw at a target. Do homework. Read for ten minutes. Shoot twenty free throws. In other words, there are an infinite number of behaviors that a teacher, parent, therapist, or behavioristl may target and facilitate with a token reward system.


RewardsRewards are used to help positively reinforce a targeted behavior of a student, child, client, or patient. The term, reward, is used interchangeably with the term, reinforcer, throughout this text. What individuals find motivating varies tremendously, and shifts across time. Common reinforcers include special treats to eat, favorite items, and activities to enjoy by themselves or with others.


To discover possible reinforcers students find motivating, observe students regularly. What do they choose, do, or eat during free choice opportunities? They are not always what you expect. Maybe it is a broom or broken toy? Conduct assessment preferences when possible. Regularly update your reward chest. This keeps motivation high.


Choice in itself is a valuable motivator. Allow a student to choose what they are working for, or their preferred reinforcer. Some individuals are more motivated choosing their reinforcement before their sessions, and others after earning all their tokens. Do not be afraid to changes things up occasionally. Whatever choice system is implemented, it is critical that students be given access quickly to their reinforcement choice after a 123TokenMe session is completed.


For more successful learning, check availability of current favorites before students make choices. If a goal is to expand a student's leisure activities or increase their flexibility, consider limiting choices by strategically deactivating specific rewards. For example, if a student always chooses trains, deactivate this choice in the reward chest, but make sure to also remove it from the visible environment.

123TokenMe bonus hint: The desired rewards for your student can change very quickly. Sometimes daily, or even from one session to the next. Being able to easily add, change, and delete rewards are helpful features. Adding rewards is easy- simply tap the "Add Reward" button in the reward chest and use your camera or photo library to instantly add a new, current reinforcer to the reward chert.


Teacher iconTeacher is the term used throughout 123TokenMe to describe the individual awarding the tokens. This person most likely also makes decisions regarding many aspects of the app, both in the app's use and in changing the settings for students.


Teachers may include, but are not limited to, teachers, behavior therapists, caregivers, parents, speech- language pathologists, managers, instructional aides, occupational therapists, coaches, and other specialists and instructors.


Students can also serve as teachers. Depending on the activity and target behavior, peers can encourage each other and give tokens to classmates. This is a powerful form of social praise and reinforcement. Nothing beats a friend cheering another to take five bites before playing a computer game together. Allow them to choose a shared activity for reinforcement, and then celebrate together. Older students who have moved to a self-monitoring phase may also use 123TokenMe to track their own performance.

Teacher exchange of 123TokenMe123TokenMe bonus hint: Always update the teacher name to correspond with the individual currently awarding the tokens. This ensures that the data and notes are recorded with the correct teacher. For example, if you and your aide, June, are sharing the 123TokenMe app, make sure to change the teacher name back and forth from your name to June's whenever you hand the app off to each other. Changing the name takes just seconds, and is made by tapping the teacher icon.


Student iconStudent is the term used throughout 123TokenMe to denote the individual receiving the tokens and whose behaviors are being positively shaped in the learning process. Students include children, clients, patients or any learner.

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