A Three Kleenex Moment

Three Kleenex momentBefore the students returned to campus this year, I was asking myself if I was ready for school.There were still questions about my caseload, my computer wasn’t working, and my office was still upside down from a last minute move. As soon as I started seeing the kids and their bright smiles, though, I knew it was good to be back. Hi, Miss Kathy! See my new backpack. Are you coming in my class this year? Look- I lost a tooth! When do I see you? Are you going to be on the playground?

But a single comment from a young girl was what reminded me of how much I loved my job. I had first met her as a preschooler challenged with autism, and now she was entering her third year in elementary school.Pretty as always and growing in confidence, she greeted me as soon as I entered her classroom. Turning from her desk, she shouted, Hello, Miss Kathy! Then she stood up, hugged me and added, You are the best speech teacher in the whole world. It was a three Kleenex moment. Yes, I love my job, and it is great to be back.

Be a School Volunteer!

Yesterday was “Welcome Back to School Night” for my families. It is great to meet all the families…there are new families, and returning families. Events like this really remind me how important it is to encourage parent involvement and support. Parents that offer support in the class often build a strong relationship with the staff and other students. I realized tonight that our interactions often didn’t center on only their child. We had lots more to talk, think and laugh about: planning class parties, accompanying us on field trips, assisting with class pictures, gathering up supplies for special projects, or helping weekly in learning centers.


Want to build a great relationship with your child’s classroom teacher? Donate your time, support, and energy to your child’s class. These parents are not only very dearly appreciated by me, but also by the other families in the community outside the classroom. They are a great blessing to a teacher.

Smile! You are on Your Student’s Refrigerator

As a school based Speech Language Therapist, I make a strong effort for the students and parents to know my face during those first delicate weeks of school. In order to keep my face familiar, I send home a letter with a recent picture of me doing something fun from the summer. Not only does this glimpse of my personal life allow the parents to get to know a little about me, but the picture with my contact info often ends up on family refrigerators. Students get to see me as a familiar face in their kitchen, and parents are easily able to identify me when they meet me on campus. Personal touches go a long way in establishing positive relationships at the beginning of the school year.