Give Thanks

Give ThanksGrowing up my sister started a Thanksgiving tradition (one not involving food)! She would cut out paper in the shape of leaves or hands. Every guest would write down what she or he was most thankful for.


We would then put them in the middle of the table. Everyone would take turns reading the items of someone else and guess from whom it was. This would continue until all the leaves or hands were read aloud.


This is a great way to remind us why we gather to celebrate and momentarily shift the focus away from the food!

Oprah Would Approve

PuppyAs Oprah would say, I had an moment that changed me as a teacher. I recently bought a puppy. Easy enough, but one day puppy day care loomed. I did not anticipate how hard it would be to hand her over to a stranger. A very qualified stranger, but still a stranger. At that moment I realized how emotional this must be for my students parents. Here I am, almost in tears wondering if my pup is going to have fun and be watched. And this is just a puppy!


When I returned, I was given a real gifts¦ a report card with a picture. How important for parents to not only hear about their child’s day, but also to see it. This year I gave my parents the same gift on the first day of school. Because of their enthusiastic feedback, Its going to do it monthly.