All Fired Up!

ABAI Autism conference catalogKathy arrived back home late Sunday night all fired up about being at the ABAI conference on Autism in Philadelphia. Collaboration. Peers. Communication. Ethics. Reinforce. Accountable. Support. Passion. Outcomes. These are some of the words that were stressed in various ways throughout the lectures and presentations that she attended. It made her realize that she and Summer are definitely on the right track. They already inject the essence of these words into their work. This 123apps4Me website also showcase this passion, as will the apps that they are getting closer and closer to releasing. The excitement is certainly contagious.

Scout it Out

Middle School TransitionHere’s a transition tip for families who have a child who is transitioning from an elementary school setting to a middle school setting. It can be super scary and anxiety-provoking, especially for a student with ASD who needs structure and routine!! My recommendation is to tour the school ahead of time (and map out how to get through all 6 periods of the day), make arrangements to meet with his/her teachers, and prepare the student with school rules. For example, “Once the first bell rings, you have 5 minutes to get from one class to the next.”


Remember to discuss P.E. rules especially, because our kids with ASD miss social cues and nuances. P.E. rules can include “Focus on yourself’ or “Keep your eyes and comments to yourself.” Perhaps a role play at home would be beneficial as well. A go-to person at this new school would also be extremely helpful. Maybe it could be the school psychologist, school counselor, or even homeroom teacher. The student should be told that he/she may go to this person for problem solving during frustrating moments during the day or week. This list can go on and on…¬†