Magnets: A Great Visual for Relationships

Visual, magnetsIf a child is going through a rough patch with friendship, or if the child has some particular problems that interfere with peer relationships, you can try using two magnets to help raise awareness.


You can say something like this: “People are like magnets. Sometimes they pull toward each other and other times they push away. Let’s talk about what things you do and say that help make other people want to be around you.” Now demonstrate how two magnets pull toward each other. Engage the child in discussion regarding the child’s social assets.


“Sometimes people do things that can push others away.” Now, orient the two magnets to each other so they push away from each other. “What are some things you do and say that ‘push away’ others?


With kids with Asperger’s, and others struggling with social awareness, this can be a useful visual approach to focus on improving relationships.


Joel Shaul, LCSW