Take One. Take Two. Take etc…

IMG_0233-300x300Kathy offered to perform the voiceovers for the two 123TokenMe video tutorials. After fifty-nine takes (That’s right, fifty-nine!) and seven script changes, perfection was achieved. Or, was it exhaustion that was achieved?


Either way, it was just in time, because 123TokenMe is being submitted to Apple for review tomorrow. This version stores one or two students, versus the unlimited number stored in the already approved Pro version. 


Who knows? Maybe the Apple reviewers will forward the app to Pixar. Is a role awaiting Kathy’s voice in an upcoming film?


You be the judge- listen for yourself at this link to the video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/46581095  Or, watch it on the “Apps” page of this website. It is the 4th video listed, and is titled, “Start personalizing 123TokenMe for your child.”

7/26/12 at 9:43 AM PST: Approved by Apple

The official email from Apple approving 123Token Me Pro!The screenshot says it all. An email from Apple arrived today, Thursday, July 26th, just before 10 AM. The 1st app, 123TokenMe Pro for unlimited students, was officially approved and will be available on the iTunes app store within 24 hours. Wowsza. Congrats to Summer & Kathy- it is not easy to turn an idea into reality. But you did!

Our most recent Beta tester…

Beta tester extraordinaire123TokenMe has gone through extensive beta testing. While most of the testers have been teachers, aides, therapists and SLPs, some of the best feedback is from the little users with the big smiles, like “LB”.


Quite unexpectedly, this “teacher’s app” has turned into a preferred choice for many students to play and interact with during breaks. Several times, in fact, two students have played together with the app. One student pretending to be the teacher and working with the second to shape the exact same behavior that their “real” teacher is targeting. Can you imagine the power of positive peer feedback to influence a child’s behavior?


From the onset, 123TokenMe was designed with “a touch of fun” in mind. It was never guessed, however, that the fun aspect would jump so readily from the teacher to the student. A great example of a good surprise.

1st app sent to Apple for review!

Kathy & Summer hit submit!The time? July 12th, 2012. Just before 9 PM.


The location? The office of Ozate, the app developer.


The event? Kathy and Summer hit the submit button, sending the binary coding of the first app- 123TokenMe Pro- to Apple. Certainly not the final step in this year long journey, but a milestone, never-the-less.


The mood? Is there a single word that describes a perfect mixture of nervous, excited, upbeat, relief, and celebration?


The future? Sunny. With a touch of apps.

Straight from Karoline’s imagination

Karoline is one of our five guest artists. Her first set of drawings included a fairy. A wonderful drawing, yet something was missing. A wand. We asked her if she would re-draw a fairy with this included, thinking we might use the wand for the token transformation. We were imagining a typical wand- one that ended in a flash of light showering magic fairy dust. What we received back, however, was much more special.


What is one of Karoline’s biggest joys? Need a hint? It is the activity that produced that perfect smile on the “Meet Artists” page. The answer, of course, is drawing. So, we should not have been surprised that Karoline’s fairy wand was a paintbrush. Perfect. We are thrilled that Karoline has shared so much of the magic from her own wand with all of us.