Teachers- This idea is for you!

IMG_2003-300x300Summer here, with a 123TokenMe Pro idea for teachers. Like many of our ideas, this one comes to you straight from my classroom. This idea starts with using my iPad to take a group photo of my kiddos. Together they decide on a token type and what their reinforcement will be as a group. Maybe a popcorn party or group play with a classroom favorite. I snap a quick photo of their choice and add it to the reward chest.


Next, we decide on how the tokens will be earned. As you can guess, the “buy-in” for students increases greatly when they have been part of the process to choose the behavior that is being targeted.


For the group to earn a token EVERYONE must be joining in and participating. I also give an extra token whenever one student helps another. Guess what? Students start to reinforce each other for doing a good job! They also get after their friends for not being “cool.” They learn how to work as a group and become more socially aware of their peers. The 123TokenMe Pro app is powerful, and even more so when you creatively allow your students to help.


Welcome to our Website!


Kathy Murphy and Summer Conway welcome you to our brand new website. We have been blessed to work with incredible families and colleagues. All of us share a passion for individuals with autism and other special needs, and a desire to make a positive impact in their quality of life. 


After many years of working collaboratively and implementing numerous new ideas, we caught a bug. The entrepreneurship bug. We decided to make the leap in the summer of 2011. We translated our ideas into two main projects: 1) Apps to assist teachers, parents, and therapists in improving and measuring behavior, and 2) A website with an interactive forum to share ideas.


Surprisingly, the new venture bug that led to the 123apps4Me apps was rooted in frustration. The frustration of knowing that there must be a better way for all of us that work in the education and therapy communities. Teacher? Parent? SLP? Therapist? Other caregiver? We all want to do our jobs better and more efficiently. 


The apps are designed with a unique “inside the classroom” perspective and are focused on improving and measuring behavior. In both the general education population, as well as for managing programs and enhancing skills of individuals with autism and special needs.  What makes the123apps4Me apps different from any currently available? They generate and summarize data in various formats to make decision making more effective.  Another difference? They are engaging for both the caregivers and the individuals whose behaviors are being worked with. Put another way, the apps are effective and efficient, with a touch of fun.


It is not our intention, of course, for information on this site to replace any evaluation, intervention, or recommendations provided by a credentialed professional. The 123apps4Me journey has taught us that everyone has much to share based on their unique perspectives and life experiences.  We hope this website enhances collaboration with and learning from each other. We look forward to seeing our apps help you with the wonderful work that you do.




Summer & Kathy

Picky Eaters Beware!

IMG_2113-300x300Very nice to meet you, Little Picky Eater. You’re about to meet your match- Miss Kathy, armed with my 123TokenMe app.


Here’s how: I start with five tokens and a target behavior of “take a bite.” Next, I use the app “peer to peer.” In other words, I have a peer use the iPad to award the tokens. The three of us have chosen an activity, such as building a fort, that they look forward to playing together after the successful completion of five bites. Shared activity time is something my kids work extremely hard for. I subtly model for the peer how to encourage the behavior- taking a bite of cheese, carrot, crunchy food, or ???


Working with a peer can be extremely motivating and is a key to learning social skills. If I work on this behavior during lunch or snack time, a whole group often starts cheering for my little picky eater as each token is awarded and transformed. A natural setting for social reinforcement- you can imagine the motivation this elicits. I’ve even had students keep going beyond their target of five and take extra bites. The feedback that the app and the peers combine to provide is very powerful.


Little Picky Eater? Not for long.





A successful photo shoot

Screen-Shot-2012-08-20-at-9.44.57-AM-300x281A carload of classroom + just enough time + talented staff = a wonderful preschool photo shoot. Lots of fun and gigabytes of photos. A huge thanks to our eleven participants, their parents, our classroom aides, Meggan & Tommie, and our talented photographer- April.


The idea was to take photos of 123TokenMe Pro being used in a classroom setting. Was it successful? Let’s turn to our eleven participants for the answer: “When can I go again?” was the question several of them asked their parents right after the photo shoot was over. This mirrors the reaction that has been received by 123TokenMe Pro so far- it is a powerful tool for teachers and parents, yet it is fun and motivating for students and children. A big win-win, since it is much more effective to teach and improve behaviors when there is excited participation from all involved.


Smile and say 123TokenMe!



Summer saves Pisa tourists

Summer-leaning-tower-of-Pisa-300x300Summer left her work at 123apps4Me for a few weeks while she visits Italy with her grandmother. Thank goodness, because look how many Pisa tourists owe their lives to her strong arms and fast thinking.


We hope that the rest of her vacation is as rewarding, but look forward to her return later this week. She should make it back just in time for the big photo/video shoot for 123TokenMe this Friday. Summer will have to refocus quickly from saving tourists to teaching pre-schoolers.


From app idea to actual app: A roller coaster ride

Summer-Kathy-Joes-drawing-300x300Kathy and Summer made a presentation to about a dozen app developers earlier this week. The purpose was to explain, from a client’s perspective, the process of moving from an idea for an app to an actual app. It sounds simple, but as the 123apps4Me autobiography readily points out, the process is a lot like a roller coaster. Numerous highs, lows, stops, and starts.


Having a chance to roll out their first app, 123TokenMe Pro, to such a well connected audience was informative for everyone. They also learned why their app developer, Joe of Ozate, does coding work versus art work. Yes, the Summer and Kathy portraits are his.