Five exhausting days for our hand model

summer-conway-finger-model-300x300Summer, our very own hand model, just finished five exhausting days of pointing and tapping. Want to see her extraordinary talent for yourself? Here is a link to her first video: “Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe: What’s new?”


Thanks to your hard work, Summer, all users of 123TokenMe can get a sneak preview of the exciting upgrades that Version 1.1 will introduce: Level two data, award show animation, numbered rewards for sequencing and counting support, personalized sound recording, and… a super hero. This version makes 123TokenMe even more powerful and engaging for not only the autism and special needs communities, but for general education and home use as well.


Get ready! Version 1.1 on the way!

123TokenMe-Pro-1.1-Developer-rejected-300x130Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe is only an Apple approval away from being official. Here is what this upgrade will include:


- Animated award shows 
- Detailed data from each token board session 
- New rewards and a super hero token
- Numbered rewards for sequenced tasks
- User added sounds for token taps, timer expiration, and award shows


Exciting? Absolutely. All 123TokenMe users are about to be even more amazed when they download the upgrade. More engaging, deep data collection, and additional ways to utilize it in the classroom and home.



Improve two behaviors simultaneously

One-child-two-simulaneous-behaviors-300x300Many great questions and ideas are being generated by our early 123TokenMe Pro users. Today I discuss the question, Is there an easy way to token two different behaviors for the same child? Two behaviors that we want to address simultaneously.”


The answer is yes. As a clinician in classrooms of highly impacted students, this is an ongoing need. Our team is always working to build new replacement skills while simultaneously targeting frustration tolerance or interfering escape behaviors. For example, we want to token staying calm AND a new, difficult skill. Here is one great method to utilize the flexibility of 123TokenMe Pro to accomplish this:


Set up different boards for the same student on 123TokenMe Pro. One board for each behavior. I typically distinguish between boards by using different nicknames. For example, with “Chris” I might use “Chris Calm” for the behavior goal and “Chris Skill” for the difficult new skill. I make sure that the token boards differ visually in token type and background color. Usually the behaviors will also have different parameters and reinforcement. I easily and quickly move between these two boards as if they represented two different students in the same session. Make sure to take a close look at all data generated, and remember to record notes about behavioral patterns.


I used this method last school year with my preschoolers and again this year with my high schoolers. It works. Thanks for your questions. Please keep them coming.


September’s Social Butterfly: Learning names and using greetings

IMG_0990-2-300x288Social Butterfly flies into my classroom every month to help with social skills. In September, her emphasis was on learning names and practicing greetings. “My name is…” “How are you?” “What’s your name?” “Nice to meet you, …” In addition, Social Butterfly had a surprise for my students this month. She helped each one create a Friendship Book.


Every Friendship Book had pictures of each student, teacher, and aide along with their name and two of their favorite things. The students took these books home with them every night to involve their families in learning about their classmates and staff.


We set up targeted behaviors for each student on 123TokenMe Pro. These behaviors were based on using greetings and learning peers’ names. Between Social Butterfly kisses and 123TokenMe award shows, my classroom was all aflutter in September.


In October, we’ll be asking Social Butterfly for help with everybody’s favorite two items.