Look… It’s Super Kid!

IMG_0020-300x300December has seen a big change in my special education classroom- Social Butterfly has morphed into Super Kid. With the release of Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe the new superhero token has become a classroom favorite. We have used this interest to introduce Super Kid.


Super Kid uses his powers to make good choices, even when it is difficult: Listening to teacher instructions the first time, sharing with a classmate, and using kind words with friends. To build excitement we designed several lessons on superheroes. When Super Kid makes a classroom appearance, my kiddos know that he will be recognizing someone for using their own super power to make a good choice. 


As new tokens are introduced to 123TokenMe, it is easy to see how a classroom lesson will be tailored to match a new favorite. A bird? A plane? No it’s Super Kid, the super hero that helps me to inspire my students.

123TokenMe’s Flexibility with more Impacted Students


If you work with severely impacted individuals with autism and other special needs, you know that flexibility is important. Especially while we are building replacement skills and targeting frustration tolerance or interfering escape behaviors. Can 123TokenMe simultaneously address staying calm and demonstrating the new, difficult skill? 


The easiest method to accomplish this is to award a child two tokens when they truly knock it out of the ballpark. Today I had a student spontaneously take deep breaths to keep himself calm, verbally repeated the complex direction as a self- management strategy to combat his poorer attending, and completed the directions independently and accurately. Woohoo! We celebrated with high fives and extra tokens. This momentum continued, and was celebrated with time for a rarely given special privilege.


In an earlier post, a second method to accomplish this was addressed- setting up the student with two different names in order to address each behavior simultaneously and independently. I’ve used both of these methods successfully- last year with my preschoolers, and this year with my high school students. Another example of the flexibility of 123TokenMe.