A love story on many levels

A-short-walk-that-crossed-worlds-from-LA-Times.jpg-20130124-266x300Amazing how often insights come from unexpected sources. In this case it was Dianne Goddard writing in today’s Los Angeles Times. This is a love story on many levels, and is one that uses the word autism in the very first sentence.


A wonderful combination of hope, realism, and love that everyone can learn from. Especially those involved with the special needs community. It certainly is a reminder how important it is to keep trying to make a difference.

123TokenMe to the Rescue of Apple

123TokenMe-sales-for-2013…up-up-up-300x193With Apple stock plunging from over $700/share to under $500/share, it is time for 123apps4Me to do our part. We fully understand that Apple’s stock rebound begins with us.


Gone is our pre-release hope (Okay, our pre-release wishful thinking) that 123TokenMe would sell itself.


In its place is reality. 123TokenMe is a game changing app. A powerful tool assisting users to teach skills and improve behaviors. In gathering data to make more informed decisions. An app that is making positive differences in lives. And one that saves lots of time and money.


All this, though, does not translate into easy sales. After all, 123TokenMe is brand new, and lacks name recognition. Therefore, Apple, we pledge to make marketing a priority in 2013. You are counting on us. We won’t disappoint.