Stinky Diapers and 123TokenMe


At the APBA conference this past week in Las Vegas we met interesting behavior analysts from all over the world, and received great feedback. Maribel, however, took the prize for the most pungent idea yet for using 123TokenMe.


Maribel works primarily one-on-one with pre-school kids, but several times a week she runs a small skills group. Her idea? To take a group photo of her kiddos and set them up as a 123TokenMe group session. She said they love to call themselves something funny- Stinky Diapers, for example. She will set a target behavior such as Asking questions that the Stinky Diapers will work on together. She was already imagining how she’ll have each student come forward to tap a token for their group of peers after asking a question.

The reinforcer? A group activity that the Stinky Diapers will choose, such as a popcorn party, or playground time. Great idea, Maribel. Starting this week, have fun with 123TokenMe and the Stinky Diapers. Just don’t forget to hold your nose!

An unscripted endorsement

IMG_2408-300x300Students with autism? Behavioral challenges? With these questions as her backdrop, Kathy had the attention of CSHA (California Speech & Hearing Association) conference attendees at the 123TokenMe booth. Even when her eyes were closed! She was certainly in her element- imagine, almost 2000 SLPs gathered in one place. Communication? It was certainly not a problem at the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend. 


A favorite moment from CSHA? When an SLP that had downloaded 123TokenMe last month burst into the middle of a presentation and announced, “This is the most amazing app that I’ve ever downloaded. My kids are so engaged by it that they don’t even realize how hard we are working to improve their behaviors. I love it.” As for us? A big thanks for both her enthusiasm and her off-the-cuff endorsement. The 123TokenMe word is beginning to spread.

Give yourself a token

IMG_2363-300x300“Give yourself a token”resonated throughout the CalABA conference. These freebies were quite a hit, and helped to start many conversations. Ideas flew back and forth all three days. Several very exciting changes are in the works as a result. 

Just like you can’t sit still at a conference, you certainly can’t stand still in a start-up venture. Stay tuned!