Token Board Frustration

The-missing-token-that-led-to-123TokenMe-300x300ABAI conference attendees weren’t surprised that 123TokenMe was conceived out of frustration. Token board frustration. In fact, these descriptions were shared: “Time consuming. Unsanitary- food, hair, yuck. They tear apart. Always losing tokens. Expensive. Hate to laminate. Learners lose interest.”


So, forget my engaging design. Data collection. Unlimited students. This therapist said it best: “We never have to make another token board? Awesome!”

And, the winners are…

And-the-twelve-winners-from-ABAI-are...-300x300A dozen lucky ABAI attendees that liked Me on Facebook are winners. Their iTunes gift cards were emailed. They’ve downloaded 123TokenMe. The last step is adding unlimited students. 123TokenMe is a free download for one student. This one child version is all most parents will ever need.


The winners have multiple student caseloads, so unlimited students are a must. Upgrading to unlimited is just $9.99, but it’s still fun to be chosen. The true winners? Any therapist, teacher, or behaviorist that uses 123TokenMe. They know firsthand the drudgery of making token boards. Each one costs over $10 to make, so having Me on their iPads and iPhones is a reason to smile. The biggest smiles, however, will emerge upon seeing their students respond.


Congratulations to these winners: Jenny M-TX, Jamie O-NY, Kelly G-MA, Tiffany T-IL, Kristi H-OH, Kara B-TX, Melissa L-CO, Wendy K-WA, Krystin K-IL, Karlyn G-MT, Tess G-IL, and Kelly T-WI. Now, start using Me to motivate your students!

The ABAI conference in Minneapolis

Screen-Shot-2013-05-28-at-12.28.05-PM-300x298123TokenMe arrived at the ABAI conference from California, but left in iPads & iPhones headed everywhere- Brazil, Denmark, China, and states from Maine to Hawaii. 


It was a wonderful four days spent meeting dedicated behaviorists. No matter where they were from, these comments were heard again and again:


OMG- I hate making token boards. This is awesome.

Free for one child? A true gift for parents. Will encourage all our families to download it.

Super engaging for students, and my staff will be motivated also.

Impossible to use 123TokenMe without smiling.

Data collection is great for tracking students and staff.

 Wow- can add custom reinforcers instantly. Even on the iPhone version.

Just $9.99 for unlimited students? Costs less than making one token board. Can’t wait to start using 123TokenMe!


Please continue to share. Especially with families where 123TokenMe can make a difference.


SLP + ABA = !!!

Kathys-day-of-revelation-with-lightbulb-300x300Ever had a day when everything seemed crystal clear? Well, Kathy just had one. The trigger? Realizing how helpful ABA (applied behavior analysis) knowledge is to her work. Especially when layered onto her speech- language background. Since Kathy takes Me almost everywhere during her school day, here’s a report:


The essence of an SLP is establishing human connections through conversation. Giving teenage students words is powerful for them in the real world. One of Kathy’s most impacted students is a favorite, because of his amazing responses to learning words. Having more of a voice has resulted in seemingly unrelated behavior improvements. She pushes him, and all of her students, to work hard, but knows when to celebrate small successes. They respond well to these behavior principles.


Writing meaningful, functional goals is extremely important. This leads to maximizing what they can do. As does collaborating with teachers, aides, and other therapists to run lessons together. Teaching students to see the world using varied stimulus types helps to break rigid ways of thinking and rote responding.


What a day! Thanks, Kathy, for letting Me eavesdrop. Maybe sharing these thoughts will help others. That would make both of our days.

On the iPhone, and out to eat!


Take Me anywhere my first iPhone version is out! Easy to use Me on the playground, while shopping, and in dozens of other situations. That’s 123TokenMe in the photo. Do you see where we are in this example? At a restaurant with Freddy’s Mom & Dad. They’ve always been hesitant to take Freddy out to eat because of behavior issues.


Since Freddy is familiar with 123TokenMe from his classroom iPad, Mom set up Quiet sitting at restaurant as his target behavior. She chose ten tokens with a three minute reminder interval. If Freddy reaches his 30 minute goal, the whole family will celebrate with ice cream. That’s why Mom added an ice cream cone to the reward chest with her iPhone camera. This highlights what Freddy is working for. And, please don’t forget about Me, Mom and Dad. My favorite is butter pecan.


Great timing, since (right after ice cream) my flight leaves for the ABAI conference in Minneapolis. It’s always fun to have people try Me out for the first time, but this is better. Now attendees can put 123TokenMe on their iPhone while visiting my booth.

Miss Tara flips sad upside down

Sad-to-happy-snack-face-token-300x300This story from Miss Tara was emotional for Me: “When one of my students is having a difficult day (not following directions, crying, tantrums) we use the sad happy snack face token. It helps in turning her frowns upside down. We make a big deal when all of her sad faces are smiling. 123TokenMe is an awesome motivator!”

From seconds to minutes in weeks

From-just-seconds-of-calm-sitting-to-minutes-using-123TokenMe-and-classroom-collaboration-300x300A special ed teacher shared this experience with Me: “A student with autism joined my class several weeks ago. She was unable to sit still for more than a few seconds. Her language was very limited, but growing. We set her up on 123TokenMe, and targeted “Calm Sitting.” She started with three tokens on a five second interval- a total of just 15 seconds. Now? Our classroom team has been gradually increasing both her number of tokens and her interval time. She is currently sitting for several minutes. Today, she was in circle with 123TokenMe in front of her when she exclaimed, “Nice calm sitting” and gave herself a token! It was so exciting. Her growth in this short period of time has been amazing to watch. Thank You for this app!”


This illustrates how 123TokenMe is used at its most basic level:A token economy system that is an effective and efficient strategy for teaching and managing behaviors. The ultimate outcome is for students to perform these skills “on their own” in the real world.


While the teacher that shared this story works in the USA, look for stories involving Me coming in from all over. This past weekend’s release of “Me for Free” saw downloads in seventeen new countries. Lebanon, Poland, Columbia, and fourteen more. Frequent flyer miles are part of my future!


If you’ll share this story, it might lead to benefiting other learners. Thanks.

Me is Free!

Guest-Artist-Announcement-that-123TokenMe-is-FREE-300x300A big day for 123TokenMe! Excited to introduce tokens from my special guest artists Maxim, Karoline & Ryan. To celebrate, my new 1.2 Version is **FREE** for the next 1000 downloads. 


Therapist? Teacher? Parent? Someone that works or lives with autism, or other special needs? Anxious to try Me out, or curious to see what’s keeping Kathy and Summer busy? No matter why, visit the App Store, and download 123TokenMe. Please help spread the word. You’ll make a difference, because free lets everyone own and explore this powerful iPad tool.


Me is Free! This will surely lead to new adventures, including being on your iPhone soon.

A 123TokenMe frown

123TokenMe is not sad very often,
but today was an exception. Meggan has been a substitute aide in Miss Summer’s special ed class for several months, and today was her last day. Summer was bummed, and there was certainly no hiding my frowns. Why? Because Meggan brings these very appreciated gifts into the classroom- an infectious smile, a we can do this attitude, wonderful with kids, and a personal desire to make a difference.


You’ll be missed, but those frowns will turn upside down in your next lucky classroom. Thanks for everything, Meggan, and give yourself a token!



I Love You Mom

Kathy-Marie-with-123TokenMe-on-the-SmartBoard-300x300I love you, Mom.” Imagine a mother who has never heard those words from her child? Or been hugged in years? When Kathy asked Marie what social skills she would like to tackle this month in her class of teens significantly impacted by autism, it was an easy decision for Marie. It would be a tough task, so Kathy invited Me to be part of the team. If successful, they knew these new skills would make incredibly memorable Mother’s Day gifts. 


“Where’s Mom?” Photos of families were used to develop an awareness of this very special group- mothers. Lots of pointing, smiling, and “Can you find the mom?” Gradually each student recognized the special attributes in mothers. 


Three magical words: “I love you. With a mixture of verbal and nonverbal students, this was a unique lesson. Simple social stories about why their mothers are special added meaning. Makes me dinner. Takes me places. Watches movies. With support from visuals and shaping words and hands, “I love you” was a mission accomplished.


Hugging was tougher than many would expect. Being touched and so close to others is not easy for these teens. With lots of reinforcement and encouragement, the teens practiced the simple steps in giving hugs: stand up, walk close to the person, circle arms around the person, and squeeze. Kathy said that being hugged by this favorite group of students was a highlight of her school year. 


My part?? The teens were familiar with 123TokenMe, but this was a treat. By connecting Me to the SmartBoard’s projector, everyone shared in the excitement when the whole group earned a token for practicing “I love you” and giving big bear hugs. Woohoo- we rock! Before long the avoidance and protests disappeared. Thanks to an incredible classroom staff, Marie’s students not only learned challenging new skills but had some fun.


And… Mother’s Day. Hopefully these “I Love You’s” and big hugs are celebrated with their mothers this Sunday. Our entire team wishes a very happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. You are loved. And hugged.


Please share with the mothers in your life!