Student (and teacher!) growth

IMG_3353-300x300The last month of school, and my have we grown. Summer’s class topic? Growth and change, of course. We discussed how animals, flowers, and people grow. But the most exciting change? Seeing student skills & behaviors improve dramatically during the year. Makes Me proud! 

A bonus? Watching student growth spark teachers to be stronger. A very inspirational end to the school year.

My summer is starting off great!

1044079_613446328675308_876948652_n-300x300What is an RSP teacher? Three hints: Resource. Specialist. Program. They work with learning disabilities. And one of them MMD. Made. My. Day. As the school year ended, she shared these 123TokenMe gems: “Can’t imagine work without it.” “Share the data with parents all the time.” “My gosh, easiest thing in the world to use.” And maybe most meaningful? “My kids request it!” Happy Summer, from Me.

Why is 123TokenMe free?

123TokenMe-Why-is-it-Free-298x300Our hope was to develop a flexible tool for professionals and parents who work and live with autism and other special needs. 123TokenMe is free in order to be affordable for families familiar with token boards, and to introduce others. Users will appreciate the power and utility of a token economy system in teaching new skills and managing behaviors. Another way to word it? Users will be celebrating success more often.



Middle video- home page- current.

Is there anything the iPad can’t do?

IMG_0554-300x225Yes, 123TokenMe on your iPad eliminates 100% of the paper, lamination, velcro & frustration of old-fashioned token boards. And yes, the iPad can supplant books and calendars. So, is there anything the iPad can’t do? Thanks to AnnQuiltAZ for sharing this video with the answer. Very short, so watch to the humorous end! The iPad changes everything, except…

Walmart and 123TokenMe

Screen-Shot-2013-06-02-at-6.38.49-PM-300x300How are Walmart and 123TokenMe alike? Data! Walmart CEO Mike Duke says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Data has never been collected by token boards. However, 123TokenMe generates key data that helps therapists and teachers with their program management decisions. 


How do Walmart and 123TokenMe differ? In 2012 Walmart sales were $443.9 billion. 123TokenMe? Not quite.