Day Two: No help needed

123TokenMe-being-demonstrated-without-Kathy-300x300 Do you see who is missing? That’s right- Kathy. Attendees introduced to Me yesterday returned with their co-workers today. They were excited to share this token board replacement app. How it motivates students, the time it saves, and its data collection.


But, is 123TokenMe easy to use? Yes. So intuitive that brand new users demonstrated it without any help. Take a break, Kathy.

National Autism Conference

123TokenMe-at-NAC-300x300Wow- the 2013 National Autism Conference in State College, PA is an amazing mix of people that live and work with autism- teachers, SLPs, parents, therapists, administrators, and more. The common denominator? A super enthusiastic attitude about expanding knowledge.


A good thing, because between research sessions, exhibits, and posters, opportunities for learning (and smiles) abound. 

Summer reading

IMG_4302-300x300Reading? Academics? In the summer? Let Me help. McCartney and her mom set up 123TokenMe for a target behavior of “Fun in the Sun.” Every book McCartney reads this summer earns her a token. 


Shhhh… it’s a secret, so please don’t tell McCartney. If she earns all her tokens, she’ll be heading back to school in style. And, if this summer reading project is successful, her backpack just might include some books for fall reading.

Customer Service: An easy answer.

Screen-Shot-2013-07-24-at-1.57.05-PM-300x300A 123TokenMe user just called. Her family was on vacation when they realized, “We need a token board.” They searched for an app. Before they knew it, 123TokenMe was on their iPhone ready to assist their daughter.


Her question involved changing the number of tokens. An easy answer: Simply tap the student name. A screen pops up where all token system aspects (number of tokens, reminder time, token type, and background) can be modified. Additionally, target behaviors can be added from this screen. Now, back to your vacation.

Pack for NAC

IMG_4299-300x300That’s Me, getting packed for my flight to the 2013 National Autism Conference. Banners, brochures, and lots more for my 123TokenMe booth.


Very excited. The attendees will include a mix of therapists, parents, and teachers. Will be fun to show them how they’ll never need to make another token board. And how to collect data. And how to personalize for every one of their students. And…

Keep Mommy happy!

IMG_4280-300x300Summer. A time for vacation, right?
Not for Me, evidently:


“We’ve put 123TokenMe to work at home this summer. Here are a few of the behaviors we’ve been reinforcing: Follow directions. Put away toys. Positive attitude. And, my favorite- Keep Mommy happy!”


The photo that was included seems to confirm that kids, Mommy, and Me are all happy. Summer work has benefits!

123TokenMe’s Diet

National-Autism-Conference-2013-300x240The National Autism Conference beckons. My svelte new upgrade will wow the attendees. A diet supervised by my programmer is slimming Me to under 50MB. Users will now be able to download 123TokenMe to their iPhone via cellular. Since WiFi will no longer be needed, attendees can start tokening from my booth. So, get ready PA!

Heartfelt work

AutismMate-Kathy-photo-at-ABAI-300x300How about a special story from the ABAI conference? Already knew about AutisMate, but learned much more since our booths were neighbors at the conference. Growing up with two disabled sisters inspired Kathy to make a difference. Therefore, it is no surprise that a spark for AutisMate was Jonathon’s brother having autism.


Personal experiences such as these quite often lead to heartfelt work and positive change. AutisMate & 123TokenMe would certainly agree. After all, we would not exist without them.