Back to school

First-day-of-school-300x232Where did it go? Fortunately, neither Kathy or Summer are in hiding. As school starts, they’ll have the newest version of 123TokenMe at their side, and are excited about sharing classroom tips.


As more and more teachers, therapists, and parents put 123TokenMe to use they can look to this website and our Facebook page for ideas. Please add your own teacher stories!

Austin’s “Art of Autism”

Austin-and-one-of-his-pieces-of-artwork-300x300¬†stories from new friends at the National Autism Conference? We met Austin when curiosity overcame shyness, and he ambled over to try out 123TokenMe. We learned that he was an artist specializing in animals. An accomplished artist, as you can tell from his photo. Where does Austin work? He splits time between PetCo and a reptile zoo. What does he aspire to do? In addition to continuing working as an artist, he plans on being a zookeeper. With his supportive family behind him, it is easy to envision visiting “Austin’s Zoo” someday. ¬†


Want to see more? Take a look here at Austin’s website, “The Art of Autism.”

Day Three of NAC

IMG_45351-300x300The highlight of Day Three at the National Autism Conference? They didn’t ask Me, but they should have. It was Kathy’s poster on functional communication. “Simple low tech systems for replacing significant and disruptive behaviors with communication” to be exact. And these systems weren’t developed in an ivory tower. Nope, the reason they work is that they were born in high school out of necessity. Thanks to NAC these methods will now be spreading.


Interested is learning more for your school, clinic, or home? Leave a comment and we’ll send you the same information that NAC attendees received.