123TokenMe to Florida

123TokenMe-makes-it-to-Florida-300x300A favorite sight from the FABA (Florida Association of Behavior Analysis) conference? Having attendees just introduced to Me return to demonstrate it to their colleagues. Very gratifying to watch 123TokenMe spread by word of mouth.


The Florida therapists, special ed teachers, and autism specialists all love the customization, engagement, and data collection of this app versus old-fashioned token boards. Since this is also true in California, there remains an entire country in between for the word of mouth to continue spreading.

How to delete a student from 123TokenMe

How-to-delete-a-student-from-123TokenMe-300x300deleting a student from 123TokenMe. There are surely others with this question, so here goes:
Tap the student icon which brings up your student list.
Tap the blue arrow button next to the student you wish to delete. This will take you to student info.
Tap the student’s name. This will bring up a popover with a red “Delete Student” button. Tap this, and your student is gone.
Deleting a student sure sounds drastic, so hopefully it’s for a happy reason. Such as they no longer need assistance. 

More inspiration from the National Autism Conference

IMG_4552-300x300 As a mother of children with autism she jumped into advocacy. Her passion? Helping families obtain a diagnosis in 1-30 days, versus the usual average of 15 months. A quick diagnosis is critical, since it increases the chance for early intervention, a key component of treatment. 


Hundreds of families have been helped through the Autism Center of Pittsburgh and AutismLink.com. The 1-800 number people call? It goes directly to Kris’ cell phone. Must be one reason she laughs when she points out that her “part time” job is actually 24/7. 

Ali38484, this video is for you.

VideoThumbnail-square-300x300 Hopefully Ali38484 does, because this video answers her 123TokenMe review: “I like this app, but to get ‘unlimited students’ is $10, which seems like way too much.” Ouch!


From our perspective $9.99 is a bargain- For example, this powerful tool for better behavior costs less than making just one old-fashioned token board. So, did Ali38484 frustrate us? Upset us? Nope. She simply inspired us.

Communication before Escalation

IMG_0670-300x225 Temper outbreaks, including hitting, are brought on by Trevor’s antecedent of too much input. Once the outbreak has started it is too late. Reason does not work during tantrums, but this is quite often when intervention is attempted.


What about introducing functional communication when the input overload first begins? Before escalating into the problem behavior? “Please turn down the music.” “Back off.” “That bothers me.”


Trevor’s ongoing situation is being addressed by a therapist in conjunction with 123TokenMe. Tokens, starting with just three, are awarded to Trevor for every verbal response to antecedent situations that would have usually produced an eruption. His reinforcement, computer time, is a powerful motivator.


After many weeks Trevor is understanding that the consequence he was obtaining with his violence- a quieter atmosphere with less conflicting demands- is achieved much easier through simple communication. The therapist is working 1) To help Trevor recognize potentially escalating situations, and 2) To introduce appropriate verbal responses. Real life? It is slowly looking more welcoming.

A 123TokenMe introduction in just 79 seconds…

DJ-timer-back-to-30-seconds-and-awarded-tokens-reamin-the-same-300x300Are you still curious about 123TokenMe? Why you’ll find me from general ed settings, to autism classrooms, to ABA clinics, to homes, to speech therapy offices? Because it is a new standard for token systems, and uses positive reinforcement to assist teachers, therapists, and parents to improve behaviors and teach skills.


Unlike old-fashioned token boards, this iPad/iPhone tool is highly motivating for learners, collects data, and is easy to customize for students and behaviors.

Learn more in this short (79 second) YouTube.

123TokenMe vs. an Autism Classroom Picky Eater

Sandwich-300x300 Just heard of a teacher in an autism classroom that tried 123TokenMe to help a little guy to eat a few bites of his sandwich. A food he clearly didn’t want to eat.


Guess what? He loved 123TokenMe, and ended up eating the whole sandwich. Positive reinforcement works, especially when the student is involved in the process. 


Do you have challenging behaviors that you live or work with? Share specifics, and we’ll walk you through using this token board replacement app. 

Autism support from TylersPieces.com

IMG_4548-300x300 the day of diagnosis. Well, so does Leanna Sizer, but what came after for our neighbor at the 2013 National Autism Conference is today’s story. Leanna decided to do something positive. She founded TylersPieces.com and has been crafting for autism ever since.


Every penny she makes is donated to help autism right in her own community of DuBois, Pennsylvania. By keeping it local she knows exactly where this hard earned money goes: Learning materials, equipment for a special needs sport’s league, and school assistance are a few of the beneficiaries of Leanna’s heartfelt handiwork. As lucky as her community is to have Leanna, Tyler is even more fortunate to have a loving Mom and a tireless advocate.