Happy Thanksgiving!

HappyThanksgivingFrom123TokenMe-300x300Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to let others know how much they are appreciated. So… a big thank you to the teachers, therapists, and parents who we are connected with through 123TokenMe.


Our real appreciation, though, is for all you do for those you work and live with. A magical combination of determination, hope, caring, and love. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies

Kathys-ASHA-2013-presentation-on-Positive-Behavior-Strategies-300x300Kathy presented on The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies at the ASHA 2013 conference. The talk combined her long time SLP knowledge with her more recent BCBA studies.

If you’d like a copy of the Power Point presentation, leave a comment or post that includes your email address.

Learning from 9 to 9

Dr.-Shabani-at-LA-FEAT-meeting-11-11-13-300x300Yesterday was a day off school. However, not a day off learning…


9 AM- 6 PM- A class on supervising BCBA candidates in Marina del Rey.


7 PM- 9 PM- A presentation on “Addressing Maladaptive Behaviors” by Dr. Daniel Shabani at LA FEAT (Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment) in Hermosa Beach. Two takeaways: 1) “Be a detective” and discover the reasons behind these behaviors. Figuring out the cause is often not easy, but is critical to the goal of replacing a challenging behavior with an acceptable one. 2) Reinforcement. Reinforcement. Reinforcement. Yes, it is that important.

123TokenMe Passes 1000 Google Results

123TokenMe-passes-1000-results-on-a-Google-search-300x300Another milestone for 123TokenMe- over 1000 Google search results. The first few pages of results show a good mixture- reviews, videos, social media sites, and posts. As 123TokenMe finds its way onto the iPads and iPhones of more and more users, this number is sure to grow.


Please consider adding your review of 123TokenMe at either the App Store or one of the many app review sites. With your help, 2000 search results will be next!