Quick tips video for 123TokenMe

Quick tips for 123TokenMe- 161 seconds

After being guided through the initial setup of 123TokenMe this video will highlight several tips to get you ready to start awarding tokens and improving behaviors.

The settings icon video

Explore the Settings Icon- 111 seconds

The settings icon is a powerful tool. A hallmark of 123TokenMe is the flexibility to quickly make adjustments that mirror rapidly changing student needs and preferences. Learn more in this video.

Add students and their photos

Add Students and their Photos- 45 seconds

Easily add your students, children, or clients to 123TokenMe. In addition, start personalizing by adding their photos. Student photos are another great opportunity to increase student motivation and fun. Smile!

Setup video- 123TokenMe

123TokenMe Setup- 67 seconds

You will be guided through the 123TokenMe setup the first time you open it. There are three steps, and this video shows all three: 1) Add your name. 2) Add a child. 3) Add a target behavior. The target behavior is an existing behavior that you are working to improve, or a new behavior, task, or skill you are teaching.

123TokenMe Setup

123TokenMe setup- 59 seconds

The first time that you open 123TokenMe you will be guided through the setup. There are three steps: 1) Add a teacher. 2) Add a student. 3) Add a target behavior. The target behavior is an existing behavior you are working to improve, or a new behavior, skill, or task that you are teaching.

123TokenMe video- 111 seconds

123TokenMe Customization Tips- 111 seconds

After being guided through the initial setup, this video highlights four customization tips: 1) Smile! Give your student a photo. 2) Choose and add rewards. 3) Change tokens and backgrounds. 4) Add students and choose groups. Finished viewing? You’re ready to start awarding tokens and motivating behaviors.

Token Boards Rock!

Screenshot-of-123TokenMe-with-a-watermark-300x225“Token boards rock!” If we put those three words into Google translate for Common Wording’ Technical Writing what would it produce?


Maybe the following? This is from a recent submittal by Kathy. Actually, it came from Formal Kathy, i.e. Kathleen Murphy, PhD., CCC-SLP, BCBA-D 


“The use of token economy systems, and specifically token boards, in classrooms utilizing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) principles is pervasive. They are one of the most effective tools in managing problem behaviors. Implementing a program consistently across individuals and settings is a critical issue and impacts a student’s overall progress. As a team member, the SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) should understand the basics of token boards for managing problem behaviors, how parameters are changed systematically, and how to implement successfully. Many SLPs are surprised to realize they are using token economy systems when they use sticker charts or marble jars to reinforce student attendance and performance.”


Wow! 123TokenMe puts the power of a token board into the hands of teachers, therapists, and parents, so this translation should put a pep in its step.