The Education Circle…

Education is a circle.So, why a circle for this photo? Think about it…


A circle encompasses infinite points. Rough edges are smoothed. No telling where it begins. Or ends. A circle rolls right through good and bad. Early influences are circled back to again and again. There are no square pegs.


Doesn’t this describe education? Special education? The many points include teachers, but also family, therapists, friends, and more. The rough edges are gaps in our knowledge, behaviors, and interactions that it helps to fill. Our learning starts early, lasts a lifetime, and, if we’re fortunate, is passed on to the future. Of course there are good and bad days, but education continues. Early learning reverberates throughout our lives. Square pegs? Nope. Certainly not with Miss Kathy’s students.

123TokenMe- Just $7.99 on Autism Awareness Day!

IOSAppIcon_v2_Token_512-300x300123TokenMe is being reduced to $7.99 on April 2nd- World Autism Awareness Day. This version works with unlimited students, so if your school district, or therapy provider, uses Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) let them know this is the day to download it for their teachers and therapists.

At its core 123TokenMe is a powerful token system tool. Unlike old-fashioned token boards, though, it is highly motivating for learners, works with unlimited students and target behaviors, can be instantly personalized, and collects data. All this at a cost less than making one old-fashioned laminate and velcro board. Enjoy!