Kathy Murphy, PhD., CCC-SLP Kathy is employed in a public school setting in Orange County, California as a speech- language pathologist. She provides direct services in a collaborative setting primarily for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has worked with a wide range of children with disabilities, served as a program consultant in community-based services, been employed as a research faculty member teaching and mentoring graduate students, and presented at numerous national conferences.


Kathy received her Ph.D. in at Arizona State University in speech and language disorders with a focus in early intervention. She recently received her certification as a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst- BCBA-D. She was inspired to work with individuals with special needs by her two younger sisters born with developmental disabilities. This inspiration has led to her exciting 123apps4Me work- designing tools for teachers and parents, tweeting, posting, and furthering her vision of collaboration between all caregivers in the autism, special needs, and general education communities.


In her spare time (spare time?) Kathy enjoys movies, cooking, and non-work related travel. In addition, she puts up with taking bike rides with her husband. Last, and definitely not least, she and her husband have two grown daughters that live, work, and go to school in the San Francisco area.


Update: Starting with the 2012- 2013 school year, Kathy took on two new challenges. First, she turned her school focus upside down by transferring from preschool to high school. She was excited to bring her collaborative ideas to this new setting, as well as broaden her knowledge about transitioning from school to life. Second, she taught a class in the speech-language department of Chapman University. Thirty SLP students came away inspired after Kathy's emphasis on putting learning into practice.

Summer Conway, M.S. Summer is a special education teacher in a public school setting in Orange County, California. Prior to completing her masters in early childhood special education at California State University- Fullerton, she taught in a general education setting. Summer has worked with a wide range of children with autism in school and community settings, from preschoolers to high schoolers, and from mildly to significantly impacted individuals.


Currently Summer teaches a Special Day Class for preschoolers with moderate to severe autism. Originally she thought she would work in family and marriage therapy. She changed her focus, however, after rewarding work with young children, their families, and their inspirational journeys.


Summer has always been interested in the techie side of teaching. In particular, how to make learning more engaging and fun for students. And... how to make a teacher's life easier. Can anyone else relate? While slogging through a time consuming, but important, teacher chore, it dawned on Summer how this task could be improved to help her students. As well as designed to help teachers' efficiency and save them money. Bang! In that moment an exciting new journey was born.


Summer has a little known secret- for fifteen minutes every school day she transforms into... Summer Snack. Picky eaters cower at her feet. See a small part of her portfolio from this secret role under the "Meet Artists" tab on this website.


Besides playing on her iPad (Words With Friends, anyone?), Summer has discovered a new hobby, photography. Figuring out her new camera's hundreds of buttons and settings, however, is an ongoing challenge. To relax, Summer enjoys movies, Seinfeld reruns, audio books, and yummy restaurants.