Reward chest?

Reward chestTap the reward chest and it opens to reveal the rewards contained within. It comes pre-loaded with several popular, generic rewards. Tapping on a reward moves it to the reward shelf. Drag the favorite, or most preferred, reward to the heart position for a special reminder. This item gets larger: Yes, that’s what I am working for!


In Version 1.1 ten balls, numbered from 1-10, were added to the reward chest. These are useful for counting or sequential tasks. Tap them when on the reward shelf while a session is underway and a large green check appears on the ball. This signifies completion of this portion of the task.


Don’t want a particular reward anymore?There are two ways to put something easily back in the chest. If the chest is opened, tap its dimmed photo and the reward jumps back into the chest. Or, drag a reward from the reward shelf back to the closed chest to quickly put it away.


Reward chest openedAdding rewards? Easy. Simply tap the “Add Reward” button in the open chest, and use the camera, or a photo from the library, to add your own customized rewards.


123TokenMe bonus hint: Create to motivate. Adding new rewards is easy, so make sure to always keep the student’s current favorite items in the reward chest. No standard reward list could possibly capture every reward, so take photos of preferred items in your classroom, home, clinic or playground. Favorite rewards can change quickly for a student. Maybe today it as a red and yellow plastic gear, a certain book, or an app on a phone. Tomorrow it may be something entirely different. Take photos of these specific items and turn them into powerful motivators by including them in a constantly updated reward chest. Out of pretzels today? Read the options available under Settings Icon/Rewards Tab to further customize or limit choices in the reward chest.