Activating sounds

Angela L. emailed about not beingiPad external buttons able to hear the sounds she had chosen under the 123TokenMe options tab. In her words, “123TokenMe is so much easier than carrying around two timers, laminated boards, etc. What I am missing with the sound that would make it absolutely perfect is that the student needs the auditory cue so that he is both visually and auditorially reminded of his success. I am tokening two items: One is a behavior while the other is toilet training.”


Fortunately, we were quickly able to diagnose this issue- Angela’s iPad’s side switch was unknowingly set to mute. This can be very confusing, because when this switch is set to mute the volume on videos and other media playback is not muted. Only sounds such as alerts are muted. Here is a link to the official Apple explanation of how the side switch works. Note: This side switch is also used to lock the iPad view rotation.


Thanks for your inquiry, Angela. Hopefully our diagnosis will help other users. Even more importantly, hopefully 123TokenMe continues to assist you in your work with students.