Can one photo explain 123TokenMe?

Can one photo explain 123TokenMe?Can just one photo explain 123TokenMe?-This photo captures a 123TokenMe session in progress. Summer is the teacher, and Ali is the student currently displayed. Three other students (JP, Billy, and Ethan) are just one tap away from Summer being able to swap their personalized token system with Ali’s.

-Ali has chosen the butterfly token and the turquoise background. Summer decided on eight tokens. She could have chosen from 1-20 tokens. Â So far, Ali has earned six of the eight.

-Ali and Summer worked together to pick five rewards from the reward chest. They could have chosen from 1-10. One of these rewards, the purse, was added just this morning. Ali’s mother laughed that this was her new “must have” accessory when she dropped off Ali. Summer quickly added it to the reward chest by taking its photo.

-Ali started this session with stuffed animals as her favorite reward. Ali lost this reward, however, when Summer dragged it to the left, away from the favorite position. In addition, Summer double tapped the stuffed animals, which gave them a big “red X” visual reminder. Losing the chance to play with the stuffed animals after this session is over will help remind Ali to keep her hands to herself. Not that JP didn’t deserve the poke!

-After Ali “lost” the stuffed animals, she chose the blue Chinese doll that lives in the toy chest in Summer’s classroom as her current favorite, or preferred, reward.Â

-Summer set Ali’s timer reminder for 30 seconds. She could have set it from 5 seconds to 90 minutes. It has been thirteen seconds since Ali’s last token was awarded. Ali has been doing much better this past week at her targeted behavior of “Sit calm.” Summer is planning to increase the timer setting, or the time between being awarded a token, to 45 seconds after a few more sessions. Summer is using data collected over the last month to help with her decision. This information is accessible under the data icon.Â

-Billy’s photo frame has turned orange– Yikes! Billy’s reminder time is set at 45 seconds, so it has been more than 45 seconds since he was awarded a token. The color change helps remind Summer to check if Billy is demonstrating his targeted behavior… and, hopefully, award him another token. Summer could have also set an optional audio reminder under the settings icon and options tab. If, for example, she had chosen a bell sound, a “ding” would have sounded when the countdown timer reached zero. These visual and audio reminders assist both the student and teacher.

-Explore the website to discover the amazing flexibility and customization that 123TokenMe provides. Even better, download it by going to the App Store. It is extremely intuitive, so give yourself a few minutes of exploring, tapping, and dragging, and you will be a 123TokenMe expert soon.