Data icon- green backgroundThe total number of completed 123TokenMe sessions per day are automatically recorded and displayed on a calendar individualized for each student and teacher. Scroll the monthly historical records to note trends. Review your 123TokenMe notes to provide insight into why token parameters were changed. Illness? Lack of sleep? Problem with a peer? Use this collected information for improved accountability and informed, data- driven decision making.

Data collection plays a critical role in guiding program decisions and managing behaviors. Old-fashioned token boards did not provide statistics regarding how often students received reinforcement on a given day. Reference the data collected through either version of 123TokenMe to help in your analysis of behavior patterns.


123TokenMe Version 1.1 update: A powerful upgrade to the automatic data collection is included in this version. Tap the number of completed sessions on a specific date to get a popover that contains “Level Two” data. This shows the length of time it took to complete every session, and can be looked at in student, teacher, and target behavior categories. The time recorded begins when the timer is tapped to start the session. It ends when the final token is awarded. If the session is paused mid-session by tapping the timer, 123TokenMe automatically excludes all paused time from the total time calculation.