Favorite reward?


Favorite reward is a frog

The favorite reward is the reward that your student is working for in the current 123TokenMe session. Any reward can be dragged to the far right to become the favorite. The favorite reward can be exchanged with another reward by dragging. The favorite is highlighted by its location, larger size, and gold colored frame. It is not necessary to designate a favorite, as some teachers do not want to give preference to any one reward. In the example above, the green, squishy frog has been chosen as the favorite reward. The frog just became a reward this morning by the teacher tapping the “Add Reward” button in the reward chest and snapping a photo of it with her camera. Tap, snap, and splash right into the chest.


123TokenMe bonus hint: Let your student take a role in this process. How about letting your student drag the reward that they want to be their favorite? This will help to increase “buy-in” as well as to focus attention. Speaking from experience, it is fun to watch the smile that often takes place when the reward transforms into its favored status.