How do I set up 123TokenMe? I want to get started- now!

The initial set up for 123TokenMe includes three steps:


Teacher icon1. Add a teacher: Tap on the teacher icon and then tap on the “Add Teacher” button. Only your first name is required. Your name now appears on the screen, as well as on the teacher list.

Student icon2. Add a student: Tap on the student icon and then tap on the “Add Student” button. Only a first name is needed. The student or child that you added now appears as a silhouette in a photo frame at the top of the screen, as well as on your student list.

3. Add a target behavior and choose token settings: Tap the red bubble that appears by the student that you just added. Tap the “Add Target Behavior” button and enter the target behavior for your student. In addition, you decide on the number of tokens from 1-20 (The default is 5 tokens) for this behavior, and the token reminder time from 5 seconds to 90 minutes (The default for the timer is “off”). Next, help your student choose their token type and background.


CONGRATULATIONS. You are ready to start working with your first student. 123TokenMe is extremely intuitive. Tap all of the the icons, the reward chest, and the timer to discover its rich flexibility and how easy it is to personalize for each of your students.