Reward shelf?


Reward shelf

From 0- 10 rewards can be placed on the 123TokenMe reward shelf. Dragging a reward all the way to the right will transform it into the favorite reward. Dragging a reward back to the reward chest will remove it from the shelf. Rewards can be rearranged by simply dragging them to another location. This feature could be used to arrange the rewards in the order of your student’s preference. In the example shown above, there are five rewards on the reward shelf, and the train is the favorite reward.


Reward shelf with a reward "X'ed"


123TokenMe reward shelf surprise: Double tapping on a reward will place a large “X” across the reward. This symbolizes that this reward has been “lost,” which acts as a powerful visual reinforcer for the student. In the example shown above, the former favorite, the train, has been “lost.” The dinosaurs have been moved to the favorite spot and the train was dragged all the way to the left. It could have been dragged back to the treasure chest to remove it entirely from the shelf. Can the “X” be removed? Is the train lost forever, or can your student get it back? Don’t fret– simply double tap the train again.