Rewards tab

Rewards Tab

The Rewards Tab allows you to deactivate a reward by tapping its “check mark” button. Deactivating a reward means that it will not appear as a choice in the reward chest. To reactivate, tap the “check mark” again. Rewards should be deactivated when they are unavailable or less desirable. In addition, some students may find the choices overwhelming, so it may be necessary to limit rewards.


Individualized rewards can be added by tapping the “Add Reward” button and using the camera or your photo library. A reward that you have added may be deleted by tapping the minus button. The pre-loaded rewards cannot be deleted, only deactivated.


123TokenMe bonus hint: A student’s preferred reinforcer may change quickly. One day (or hour) it may be a basketball. All of a sudden the desired reward might be a green squishy frog or a certain game. Keep up with these rapidly changing preferences by using the “Add Reward” button in the reward chest. It is fast and easy to add a rewardto the chest, so keep your rewards current to help ensure that motivation stays high.