RewardsRewards are used to help positively reinforce a targeted behavior of a student, child, client, or patient. The term, reward, is used interchangeably with the term, reinforcer, throughout this text. What individuals find motivating varies tremendously, and shifts across time. Common reinforcers include special treats to eat, favorite items, and activities to enjoy by themselves or with others.


To discover possible reinforcers students find motivating, observe students regularly. What do they choose, do, or eat during free choice opportunities? They are not always what you expect. Maybe it is a broom or broken toy? Conduct assessment preferences when possible. Regularly update your reward chest. This keeps motivation high.


Choice in itself is a valuable motivator. Allow a student to choose what they are working for, or their preferred reinforcer. Some individuals are more motivated choosing their reinforcement before their sessions, and others after earning all their tokens. Do not be afraid to changes things up occasionally. Whatever choice system is implemented, it is critical that students be given access quickly to their reinforcement choice after a 123TokenMe session is completed.


For more successful learning, check availability of current favorites before students make choices. If a goal is to expand a student’s leisure activities or increase their flexibility, consider limiting choices by strategically deactivating specific rewards. For example, if a student always chooses trains, deactivate this choice in the reward chest, but make sure to also remove it from the visible environment.

123TokenMe bonus hint: The desired rewards for your student can change very quickly. Sometimes daily, or even from one session to the next. Being able to easily add, change, and delete rewards are helpful features. Adding rewards is easy- simply tap the “Add Reward” button in the reward chest and use your camera or photo library to instantly add a new, current reinforcer to the reward chert.