Student icon

Student iconTapping the student icon allows you to perform two main tasks:

First, add a new student(s) by tapping the “Add Student” button. Add or change a photo of any student on the board by tapping the camera button in the top left corner of their photo/silhouette. Once students are on the board, drag their photo frames to arrange them in the same order they appear before you.


An unlimited number of individuals can be added to 123TokenMe. Imagine your entire caseload, your whole classroom of students, or all of your children can be input and stored in 123TokenMe.

Tapping student icon reveals the student listSecond, tap from one to six students on your student list to choose the students for the current session. All selected students will have a check mark by their name, and their photos on the board. In the example shown here, Summer has seven students on her list and is currently working with five of them- Abby, Billy, Ethan, Mia and Mikey. Summer taps any student on her list to toggle between adding/removing them from the current 123TokenMe session. She can tap the blue arrow button for any student and it will take her directly to their personalized screen.