Student photos?

Student photo of DavidStudent photos are displayed at the top of the 123TokenMe screen. Each photo, or silhouette, represents a student or child that is currently being worked with. From one to six students can be displayed at once.

Cool surprise #1: Student photos can be dragged right or left to rearrange their order. This is very helpful, since it allows you to mirror the same order that your students appear before you in your classroom or other setting.


Angie's student photo with time expired orange photo frameEven cooler surprise #2: If the tokening reminder time reaches zero the nameplate on the photo turns orange. This is a visual reminder for you to encourage and/or look for the targeted behavior. “Angie, let’s see those calm hands in your lap…Good job.” or, “David, say ‘Red Rover’ again? You’re on a roll… you can do it.”

123TokenMe bonus hint: You will find that most students are motivated by seeing their photo displayed on the screen. Photos are easy to take and add, so think about changing photos often- another great opportunity to motivate positive behavior. Maybe take a photo of the student engaging correctly in the targeted behavior? A silly face photo? A favorite outfit or hat? Don’t be shy in trying out new ideas with 123TokenMe. It was designed to provide maximum flexibility for the teacher and personalization for the student.


Bonus hint #2: We took a photo of a student’s favorite super hero and used this as his photo for several sessions. It was fun for both him and the whole class. Remember, 123TokenMe was also designed to have a “touch of fun.” So… include some fun for your student, child or client.