Target behavior


The 123TokenMe screen to add or modify a target behaviorA target behavior is a specific behavior, or goal, that is desired. It is observable and measurable, and is typically accomplished with many practice opportunities. The teacher. parent, therapist, or behaviorist plays a role in providing positive feedback and reinforcement in the learning process.


Particularly when new skills are being introduced, the teacher keeps learning moving quickly by breaking the target behavior into small, achievable steps. This strategy shapes behavior and increasingly brings the student closer and closer to the outcome goal.


Target behavior examples: Sit calmly for three minutes. Use words. Respond to peers. Take a bite. Imitate teacher. Pronounce ‘ch’ as in ‘chair’ correctly. Brush teeth. Write upper case letters. Follow an instruction. Throw at a target. Do homework. Read for ten minutes. Shoot twenty free throws. In other words, there are an infinite number of behaviors that a teacher, parent, therapist, or behavioristl may target and facilitate with a token reward system.