Teacher iconTeacher is the term used throughout 123TokenMe to describe the individual awarding the tokens. This person most likely also makes decisions regarding many aspects of the app, both in the app’s use and in changing the settings for students.


Teachers may include, but are not limited to, teachers, behavior therapists, caregivers, parents, speech- language pathologists, managers, instructional aides, occupational therapists, coaches, and other specialists and instructors.


Students can also serve as teachers. Depending on the activity and target behavior, peers can encourage each other and give tokens to classmates. This is a powerful form of social praise and reinforcement. Nothing beats a friend cheering another to take five bites before playing a computer game together. Allow them to choose a shared activity for reinforcement, and then celebrate together. Older students who have moved to a self-monitoring phase may also use 123TokenMe to track their own performance.

Teacher exchange of 123TokenMe123TokenMe bonus hint: Always update the teacher name to correspond with the individual currently awarding the tokens. This ensures that the data and notes are recorded with the correct teacher. For example, if you and your aide, June, are sharing the 123TokenMe app, make sure to change the teacher name back and forth from your name to June’s whenever you hand the app off to each other. Changing the name takes just seconds, and is made by tapping the teacher icon.