Timer iconThe timer is included as a useful tool based on hours of frustration with old fashioned token boards. The timer allows an optimal time interval to be set for awarding tokens for a targeted behavior. The reminder time period serves as a subtle reminder to observe for the targeted behavior and award your student a token if they are performing their targeted behavior. This can be critical to shaping new or improved behaviors.The reminder time can be easily set or changed from 5 seconds (for quick, highly repeated targeted behaviors) to 90 minutes. The default time period is “Off”, or 00:00 seconds, so you will need to set the timer for a targeted behavior requiring a reminder time. The chosen reminder time is shown directly below the timer icon.


The countdown clock starts when a session is started, or whenever a token is awarded or removed. It will either countdown to zero, or automatically reset when a token is awarded or removed. If the time reaches zero, the student’s photo frame turns orange- a cue for the teacher to check that student. This is a great tool to help keep reinforcement consistent. In addition to the orange frame visual cue, an optional audio cue can be set through the Settings Icon/Options Tab. For example, a “ding” is one of several sounds that can be chosen to sound when the countdown clock reaches zero. These cues can be helpful for both student and teacher.

123TokenMe Version 1.1.1 update: The default sound for the timer is a “bell” sound. If no sound, or another sound, is desired for the timer expiration it can be changed under the options tab found by tapping the settings icon.

Important timer notes: 1) Tapping the timer icon will start/stop the timer and the countdown period for the student currently in session. 2) Pressing the timer icon will allow a choice to start/stop the timer and countdown period for all one to six students currently on the board. Also a session can be reset for the student currently shown in session. This will reset the session and delete all data from the non-completed session.