Tokens tab

The "Tokens" tab accessible under the home screen Settings icon

The Tokens Tab allows you to deactivate a token by tapping its “check mark” button. When deactivated, a token will not appear as a choice available to students. Reactivating a token is as simple as tapping the “check mark” button again. Tokens may be deactivated for a variety of purposes. For example, a teacher may limit choices to those which provide additional curriculum and vocabulary learning opportunities. Additional thematic token sets will be available through in-app purchases in future a future 123TokenMe update.


123TokenMe is designed to be personalized. This keeps students and children motivated for learning. Tokens themselves provide an additional reinforcement value. Allow students to choose their favorite token type at the onset of each session to increase their participation and motivation in the learning process.


Two additional features keep students engaged from token-to-token: 1) Each token magically transforms when it is awarded. With just a tap, a dog biscuit becomes a dog, a chocolate chip bakes into a cookie, and a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. 2) After earning the last token in a session, celebrate success with a quick, animated award show.