Welcome to a very special part of 123apps4Me… our artists.


Thank you for getting to know our artists. Several of their biographies have links which lead to even more information on their talents.


A portion of each token set sale goes to the artist. Thus, they truly are part of the 123apps4Me team. 


Your support is appreciated. Enjoy 123TokenMe as it helps motivation in your classroom, home, or practice. And, “Go Team!”


Meet Summer Snack- For 23 hours and 45 minutes every day Summer is just a regular person. But those other 15 minutes? That is when the clock strikes "Snack Time" in Summer's special ed classroom, and the creativity comes out. Who wouldn't want to eat these snacks? Especially if you are one of her lucky students that get to help design and assemble these works of art. Picky eaters beware: Summer Snack isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe (Or, would that be taste bud-to-taste bud?) with the pickiest of you.


A 123apps4Me team note: One of the many pleasures in using 123TokenMe has been discovering unexpected positive effects. We have found that by encouraging our students to award themselves their tokens by saying such things as "Touch the tomato", or "Tap the pickle" that familiarity results. Seeing and touching the token repeatedly has often led to tasting. Zap! Summer Snack strikes again.

Meet Tyler- Tyler is a talented artist in the fields of film and photography. He has a true eye for his craft that he has been honing since his early teenage years. Tyler has a passion for movies, videos and all of the science that goes into film making. Get caught up in Tyler's enthusiasm on his Cerulean Films YouTube channel. 


What is Tyler's favorite movie? When asked this question it was obvious that there was no easy answer. The film that fueled my interest in film making? The film with the best effects? My favorite from last year? No, your favorite all time movie. When he finally answered the question, he still got away with more than one movie. How? By choosing the the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  You have to believe that Tyler is familiar with these inspirational lines, don't you?

Mr. Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?
Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.


A 123apps4Me team note: Several of us on the team were lucky to be be invited to the premier of Tyler's film, SPUD, at Chapman University. We feel even more fortunate that Tyler has shared his talents on this app. And so will you, as you munch, peel and chew your way through Tyler's set of food tokens.

A second 123apps4Me team note: The two photos of Tyler are courtesy of this article that ran in the OC Register on February 19, 2010.

Meet Karoline- Karoline is a fun loving child that expresses her love of nature and animals through her art.  Since a young age, Karoline has always shown an interest in drawing – her first mural entitled “Crayon on Gypsum” was created on her living room wall at two years old.  


Currently, Karoline enjoys designing and drawing for her “Cuteables” line.  She resides in Orange County, California with her biggest fans: Dad, Mom & little sister Katie.


A 123apps4Me team note: Karoline, we expect your token set to launch a resurgence in gardening. Who could possibly resist after seeing your artwork? We are excited to have you, along with your knowing eyes, on our team. 

Meet Maxim- A  special child with a true gift for drawing. Starting in pre-school, Maxim's teacher said that he was "really, really good at art." With help from his parents and a photographer friend, several images were captured for his website. The photographer could not believe how magical his drawings were. When Maxim surprised her with some original drawings for her to keep, she commented, "I sure am lucky- these will be worth a lot someday!"


The photos of Maxim were taken at a park near his home. They capture Maxim doing what he does best. Want to see more samples of his artwork? Check out his website (www.maximsart.com) Make sure that you take a look at the cool shirts he is wearing. 


A 123apps4Me team note: A heartfelt "Thank You" to Maxim, and his parents, for being our first artist. Your early and enthusiastic support made a big difference in the launch of 123TokenMe. We are excited you are part of our team. We look forward to seeing your token set provide motivation, and big smiles, for many.

Meet Andy- Andy is a young filmmaker, photographer, and musician from northern Los Angeles County, CA. He has been making films for 8 years and shooting professional photos for nearly 6 years. He most enjoys creating documentary films, music videos, photographing landscapes, and shooting weddings. 


Andy's work includes a documentary film on Autism, shooting both video and photos of weddings, interning for the Los Angeles ABC news affiliate, and designing websites. Want to see more? Here is a link to the website of this extraordinary young man. 


A 123apps4Me team note: This artist (Andy) was introduced to a team member (Kathy) through a friend (Rick) of a Facebook friend (Julie) of a Facebook friend (Sarah) of Kathy's. Got it? Thank goodness for social media, because Andy is quite the artist. Not only in photography and film, but also in music. Bark, meow, splash, and caw- his pet tokens make their own kind of beautiful music.  

Meet Ryan- Ryan is an active youngster who lives in Orange County, California. He has had a gift for art since beginning to draw at age two. Ryan enjoys all types of art: contemporary, abstract, cartoons, and animation. He hopes to be an animator for Hollywood movies. Ryan has a vivid imagination and a great sense of humor.


Ryan enjoys sports such as tennis, golf, and baseball. He is excited to participate in this app as a stepping stone in his art career. Ryan’s artwork has been sold at charity auctions since the age of three. He continues to expand his artistic capabilities and he has been commissioned to paint and draw several pieces of art for private collections. What did Ryan say about 123TokenMe? “The best thing is that I can use it on my iPad, and my friends can see my artwork." His parents are extremely proud of him and look forward to spectacular things from him and his artistic talents.


A 123apps4Me team note: Thanks, Ryan. We join you in looking forward to our "transportation" artist being able to show his art to his friends. Zoom! Whirrr! Boom! Ping! You have numerous vehicle choices to transport you to your artistic goals.