1st app sent to Apple for review!

Kathy & Summer hit submit!The time? July 12th, 2012. Just before 9 PM.


The location? The office of Ozate, the app developer.


The event? Kathy and Summer hit the submit button, sending the binary coding of the first app- 123TokenMe Pro- to Apple. Certainly not the final step in this year long journey, but a milestone, never-the-less.


The mood? Is there a single word that describes a perfect mixture of nervous, excited, upbeat, relief, and celebration?


The future? Sunny. With a touch of apps.

The 123apps4Me Elevator Pitch

The 123apps4Me elevator pitchWikipedia: “An elevator pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product. The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride.”

So, what is the 123apps4Me elevator pitch? How about: 

“Developer of apps that assist teachers, parents, and therapists in their work of improving and measuring behavior in their students, children, and clients. With a touch of fun.” 

Only riding from the lobby to the first floor? How about:

“Apps for improving & measuring behavior.”

What’s New?

Grand OpeningOur website is new! We launched in mid- 2012.  If this website was a store, it would still have the “Grand Opening” banner hanging out front.  Thank you for visiting while boxes are still being unpacked.


Our hope?  That the site is a valuable resource. A content-driven site where every visit results in a “take-away” idea. A place to showcase how the 123apps4Me apps can help you with improving and measuring behavior in your students, children or clients. And, a place to have some fun. 


We have been asked, “How can I help?” Here are three answers: 

1) Interact with the site. Post or comment. Click “Sign Up” on the Home page to get started.

2) Share this site address with your friends/contacts. This will help speed up the sharing of this website with the families, teachers and support staff that will benefit. 

3) Use the Contact form under the “About” tab to contact the 123apps4Me team. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are appreciated.


Are you interested in the background and history of the 123apps4Me start-up venture? Read the ongoing autobiography, Is Today My Birthday? You will find it by scrolling down the ”About Our Team” page under the “About” tab. Join us on our roller coaster ride of learning!


All Fired Up!

ABAI Autism conference catalogKathy arrived back home late Sunday night all fired up about being at the ABAI conference on Autism in Philadelphia. Collaboration. Peers. Communication. Ethics. Reinforce. Accountable. Support. Passion. Outcomes. These are some of the words that were stressed in various ways throughout the lectures and presentations that she attended. It made her realize that she and Summer are definitely on the right track. They already inject the essence of these words into their work. This 123apps4Me website also showcase this passion, as will the apps that they are getting closer and closer to releasing. The excitement is certainly contagious.

Old Fashioned Token Boards

Old fashioned token board improvementLast month I read a post from DC-School Psychologist about using social stories to help the student’s transition. She suggested using photographs of the students doing the desired activities to personalize the story. I loved this idea and decided to use it with our token boards as well. We took a photo of the student doing the desired target behavior and laminated it to the front of the token board. It’s a great reminder for both the student and the staff. Everyone knows exactly what the target behavior is and how the student earns his/her tokens. Also, to remind the student of what they should be doing we simply point to their photo. Thanks, DC Psychologist for the great idea! It has made a big difference.