123TokenMe to the Rescue of Apple

123TokenMe-sales-for-2013…up-up-up-300x193With Apple stock plunging from over $700/share to under $500/share, it is time for 123apps4Me to do our part. We fully understand that Apple’s stock rebound begins with us.


Gone is our pre-release hope (Okay, our pre-release wishful thinking) that 123TokenMe would sell itself.


In its place is reality. 123TokenMe is a game changing app. A powerful tool assisting users to teach skills and improve behaviors. In gathering data to make more informed decisions. An app that is making positive differences in lives. And one that saves lots of time and money.


All this, though, does not translate into easy sales. After all, 123TokenMe is brand new, and lacks name recognition. Therefore, Apple, we pledge to make marketing a priority in 2013. You are counting on us. We won’t disappoint.

Christerio vs. Evil Code

Christerio-Conquers-the-evil-Code-So, why isn’t Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe released yet? Because, we had to pull it out of the Apple review process to tweak some code issues. Can the code be that difficult? Here is a fun question: How many lines of code are in 123TokenMe Pro? Take a guess. 3000? 10,000? 


The answer? As of last Friday evening, there were 25,503 lines of code. That helps to explain why getting it perfect is not an easy task. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the upgrade will be re-submitted to Apple early this week. The wait is almost over. Our new super hero token- Christerio- will vanquish his arch nemesis- Evil Code!

Get ready! Version 1.1 on the way!

123TokenMe-Pro-1.1-Developer-rejected-300x130Version 1.1 of 123TokenMe is only an Apple approval away from being official. Here is what this upgrade will include:


- Animated award shows 
- Detailed data from each token board session 
- New rewards and a super hero token
- Numbered rewards for sequenced tasks
- User added sounds for token taps, timer expiration, and award shows


Exciting? Absolutely. All 123TokenMe users are about to be even more amazed when they download the upgrade. More engaging, deep data collection, and additional ways to utilize it in the classroom and home.



Take One. Take Two. Take etc…

IMG_0233-300x300Kathy offered to perform the voiceovers for the two 123TokenMe video tutorials. After fifty-nine takes (That’s right, fifty-nine!) and seven script changes, perfection was achieved. Or, was it exhaustion that was achieved?


Either way, it was just in time, because 123TokenMe is being submitted to Apple for review tomorrow. This version stores one or two students, versus the unlimited number stored in the already approved Pro version. 


Who knows? Maybe the Apple reviewers will forward the app to Pixar. Is a role awaiting Kathy’s voice in an upcoming film?


You be the judge- listen for yourself at this link to the video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/46581095  Or, watch it on the “Apps” page of this website. It is the 4th video listed, and is titled, “Start personalizing 123TokenMe for your child.”

1st app sent to Apple for review!

Kathy & Summer hit submit!The time? July 12th, 2012. Just before 9 PM.


The location? The office of Ozate, the app developer.


The event? Kathy and Summer hit the submit button, sending the binary coding of the first app- 123TokenMe Pro- to Apple. Certainly not the final step in this year long journey, but a milestone, never-the-less.


The mood? Is there a single word that describes a perfect mixture of nervous, excited, upbeat, relief, and celebration?


The future? Sunny. With a touch of apps.