The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies

Kathys-ASHA-2013-presentation-on-Positive-Behavior-Strategies-300x300Kathy presented on The Magic of Token Boards & Positive Behavior Strategies at the ASHA 2013 conference. The talk combined her long time SLP knowledge with her more recent BCBA studies.

If you’d like a copy of the Power Point presentation, leave a comment or post that includes your email address.

Learning from 9 to 9

Dr.-Shabani-at-LA-FEAT-meeting-11-11-13-300x300Yesterday was a day off school. However, not a day off learning…


9 AM- 6 PM- A class on supervising BCBA candidates in Marina del Rey.


7 PM- 9 PM- A presentation on “Addressing Maladaptive Behaviors” by Dr. Daniel Shabani at LA FEAT (Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment) in Hermosa Beach. Two takeaways: 1) “Be a detective” and discover the reasons behind these behaviors. Figuring out the cause is often not easy, but is critical to the goal of replacing a challenging behavior with an acceptable one. 2) Reinforcement. Reinforcement. Reinforcement. Yes, it is that important.

Give yourself a token

IMG_2363-300x300“Give yourself a token”resonated throughout the CalABA conference. These freebies were quite a hit, and helped to start many conversations. Ideas flew back and forth all three days. Several very exciting changes are in the works as a result.¬†

Just like you can’t sit still at a conference, you certainly can’t stand still in a start-up venture. Stay tuned!

All Fired Up!

ABAI Autism conference catalogKathy arrived back home late Sunday night all fired up about being at the ABAI conference on Autism in Philadelphia. Collaboration. Peers. Communication. Ethics. Reinforce. Accountable. Support. Passion. Outcomes. These are some of the words that were stressed in various ways throughout the lectures and presentations that she attended. It made her realize that she and Summer are definitely on the right track. They already inject the essence of these words into their work. This 123apps4Me website also showcase this passion, as will the apps that they are getting closer and closer to releasing. The excitement is certainly contagious.