Excitement for 123TokenMe!

Screen-Shot-2013-10-17-at-10.20.05-AM-300x300Our favorite 123TokenMe comment from the FABA conference? It had to be Jessica’s: “If I were wearing socks, they’d be rolling up & down right now!” She explained that a favorite professor said this whenever he was really excited about something new.


Jessica went on to say that she was thrilled to learn about 123TokenMe- no more making old-fashioned laminate and velcro token boards. Plus, a tool that would engage her students while improving behaviors, and take data in the background.


Her autism center just purchased 40 iPads, so she was excited to share with her co-workers. Do you hear that noise? Sounds like lots of socks rolling up and down!

Can we help? Yes…

Our look atIMG_5480-300x300 “Passion Behind the Business” continues with Lisa and Bob Compton of SensoryCraver.com. They are new friends from the FABA 2013 conference in Daytona Beach. Their story starts eleven years ago with a question for good friends who had children diagnosed with autism: “What can we do to help?”


“Don’t you have sewing machines?” was the reply. This led to making weighted sensory products. Which led to making and supplying other items for the special needs community. Which morphed into a physical store. And an on-line store.


Next, clients started to ask if they’d open a clinic. So they did. A cutting edge clinic, Second Steps, where ABA therapy is provided for a wide range of children. The end? No. Bob and Lisa now spend much of their time consulting, and installing sensory therapy rooms based on feedback from Second Steps. Are they busy beyond belief? Yes. All because of taking that often difficult first step of asking a friend in need if they could help.

123TokenMe to Florida

123TokenMe-makes-it-to-Florida-300x300A favorite sight from the FABA (Florida Association of Behavior Analysis) conference? Having attendees just introduced to Me return to demonstrate it to their colleagues. Very gratifying to watch 123TokenMe spread by word of mouth.


The Florida therapists, special ed teachers, and autism specialists all love the customization, engagement, and data collection of this app versus old-fashioned token boards. Since this is also true in California, there remains an entire country in between for the word of mouth to continue spreading.

More inspiration from the National Autism Conference

IMG_4552-300x300 As a mother of children with autism she jumped into advocacy. Her passion? Helping families obtain a diagnosis in 1-30 days, versus the usual average of 15 months. A quick diagnosis is critical, since it increases the chance for early intervention, a key component of treatment. 


Hundreds of families have been helped through the Autism Center of Pittsburgh and AutismLink.com. The 1-800 number people call? It goes directly to Kris’ cell phone. Must be one reason she laughs when she points out that her “part time” job is actually 24/7. 

Autism support from TylersPieces.com

IMG_4548-300x300 the day of diagnosis. Well, so does Leanna Sizer, but what came after for our neighbor at the 2013 National Autism Conference is today’s story. Leanna decided to do something positive. She founded TylersPieces.com and has been crafting for autism ever since.


Every penny she makes is donated to help autism right in her own community of DuBois, Pennsylvania. By keeping it local she knows exactly where this hard earned money goes: Learning materials, equipment for a special needs sport’s league, and school assistance are a few of the beneficiaries of Leanna’s heartfelt handiwork. As lucky as her community is to have Leanna, Tyler is even more fortunate to have a loving Mom and a tireless advocate.

Austin’s “Art of Autism”

Austin-and-one-of-his-pieces-of-artwork-300x300 stories from new friends at the National Autism Conference? We met Austin when curiosity overcame shyness, and he ambled over to try out 123TokenMe. We learned that he was an artist specializing in animals. An accomplished artist, as you can tell from his photo. Where does Austin work? He splits time between PetCo and a reptile zoo. What does he aspire to do? In addition to continuing working as an artist, he plans on being a zookeeper. With his supportive family behind him, it is easy to envision visiting “Austin’s Zoo” someday.  


Want to see more? Take a look here at Austin’s website, “The Art of Autism.”

Day Two: No help needed

123TokenMe-being-demonstrated-without-Kathy-300x300 Do you see who is missing? That’s right- Kathy. Attendees introduced to Me yesterday returned with their co-workers today. They were excited to share this token board replacement app. How it motivates students, the time it saves, and its data collection.


But, is 123TokenMe easy to use? Yes. So intuitive that brand new users demonstrated it without any help. Take a break, Kathy.

National Autism Conference

123TokenMe-at-NAC-300x300Wow- the 2013 National Autism Conference in State College, PA is an amazing mix of people that live and work with autism- teachers, SLPs, parents, therapists, administrators, and more. The common denominator? A super enthusiastic attitude about expanding knowledge.


A good thing, because between research sessions, exhibits, and posters, opportunities for learning (and smiles) abound. 

Pack for NAC

IMG_4299-300x300That’s Me, getting packed for my flight to the 2013 National Autism Conference. Banners, brochures, and lots more for my 123TokenMe booth.


Very excited. The attendees will include a mix of therapists, parents, and teachers. Will be fun to show them how they’ll never need to make another token board. And how to collect data. And how to personalize for every one of their students. And…