Autism: In the news

Ava's Law under consideration in GeorgiaToday’s news includes an article detailing an attempt to insure autism treatment in Georgia. The most important point? That early intervention can make a difference in the lives of those with autism. In fact, it may be the best chance for improvement. 


Another aspect? That passionate fighters for causes are usually those directly affected. With autism now diagnosed in 1 in 88 children, the number of families, schools, and social settings directly affected is also rapidly expanding.


Note: Credit for the photo goes to Jaime Lee.

More inspiration from the National Autism Conference

IMG_4552-300x300 As a mother of children with autism she jumped into advocacy. Her passion? Helping families obtain a diagnosis in 1-30 days, versus the usual average of 15 months. A quick diagnosis is critical, since it increases the chance for early intervention, a key component of treatment. 


Hundreds of families have been helped through the Autism Center of Pittsburgh and The 1-800 number people call? It goes directly to Kris’ cell phone. Must be one reason she laughs when she points out that her “part time” job is actually 24/7. 

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