Valentine’s Day- a time to teach empathy

Kathy and her Three C's prepare for Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is not quite here, but Kathy has been working towards it for several weeks. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is a natural tie-in to empathy, a skill that many with autism┬áhave difficulty grasping. Kathy stresses to her students that what they learn is not just for one day, but all year round.


Empathetic words show that you care. She creates opportunities for her students to practice empathy with words using her “Three C’s.” Here are some examples that Kathy elicits by modeling, role playing, observing, and practicing:


Compliment: I like your shirt. You sure read well. Your smile makes me happy.


Comfort: Are you OK? Do you need help? Would you like a hug? Let’s do something together.


Cheer: Hey, you can do it. Keep going- yay! That looks great- can I join in?


Happy Valentine’s Day! A good excuse to share the ideas behind the Three C’s- Compliment, Comfort & Cheer- with others.