123TokenMe vs. an Autism Classroom Picky Eater

Sandwich-300x300 Just heard of a teacher in an autism classroom that tried 123TokenMe to help a little guy to eat a few bites of his sandwich. A food he clearly didn’t want to eat.


Guess what? He loved 123TokenMe, and ended up eating the whole sandwich. Positive reinforcement works, especially when the student is involved in the process. 


Do you have challenging behaviors that you live or work with? Share specifics, and we’ll walk you through using this token board replacement app. 

An exciting weekend for Kathy & 123TokenMe

123TokenMe-at-the-Cal-State-Fullerton-conference-on-autism-300x300The attendees at the Cal State Fullerton Conference on Autism were not the only ones excited by 123TokenMe. As can be seen, Kathy also had her share of “Oh Wow” moments. One example was discovering a new use for Me with Rosa and Alejandro.


Alejandro mentioned a student on his caseload that should be requesting bathroom breaks throughout the day. This led to a discussion about setting Me up with six tokens and a reminder timer of one hour. Thus, this request will be initially addressed on an hourly basis. As time goes on, the behavior can be shaped by adjusting the number of tokens and/or the reminder time period.


Alejandro plans to have this behavior “running in the background” while he actively works on other target behaviors with his students. Both he and Rosa are jazzed to work with 123TokenMe. The excitement is mutual. After introducing myself to therapists, teachers, and parents all weekend, they, in turn, will be using Me in their classrooms and homes starting today.


A big thanks to Cal State Fullerton for letting Me be a part of their autism and special education conference.

Vroom- vroom! Off to playing with a friend.

IMG_2764-300x300Follow Me into Miss Summer’s class where today is all about transportation. Summer led a class discussion about race cars being fast and how race cars work hard to get to the finish line. To increase the excitement her students are using my 123TokenMe race car token*.


Summer challenged her kids to follow the “how to be a rock star” rules in order to earn all their tokens and get to their own finish line. Finally, to really rev up her students’ engines, Summer added a fantastic marble race from Pinterest to her classroom rock star area. So, after using Me to motivate them on their individual behaviors, her students will have access to reinforcement that enhances the transportation theme and encourages playing with a peer- marble races with a friend. A great opportunity to cheer for each other.


Was today a great day to be Me, or what? Watched creativity unfold in Summer’s classroom, motivated students, played with marbles, and learned that race car is a palindrome. Can hardly wait to see where tomorrow takes Me.


* The race car token was designed by Ryan, a 123apps4Me guest artist. His artwork for 123TokenMe involves different vehicles for transportation. Learners are transported in style to the intersection of New Skills and Improved Behaviors with the help of Ryan’s drawings.