Me is Free!

Guest-Artist-Announcement-that-123TokenMe-is-FREE-300x300A big day for 123TokenMe! Excited to introduce tokens from my special guest artists Maxim, Karoline & Ryan. To celebrate, my new 1.2 Version is **FREE** for the next 1000 downloads. 


Therapist? Teacher? Parent? Someone that works or lives with autism, or other special needs? Anxious to try Me out, or curious to see what’s keeping Kathy and Summer busy? No matter why, visit the App Store, and download 123TokenMe. Please help spread the word. You’ll make a difference, because free lets everyone own and explore this powerful iPad tool.


Me is Free! This will surely lead to new adventures, including being on your iPhone soon.

Straight from Karoline’s imagination

Karoline is one of our five guest artists. Her first set of drawings included a fairy. A wonderful drawing, yet something was missing. A wand. We asked her if she would re-draw a fairy with this included, thinking we might use the wand for the token transformation. We were imagining a typical wand- one that ended in a flash of light showering magic fairy dust. What we received back, however, was much more special.


What is one of Karoline’s biggest joys? Need a hint? It is the activity that produced that perfect smile on the “Meet Artists” page. The answer, of course, is drawing. So, we should not have been surprised that Karoline’s fairy wand was a paintbrush. Perfect. We are thrilled that Karoline has shared so much of the magic from her own wand with all of us.