Customer Service: An easy answer.

Screen-Shot-2013-07-24-at-1.57.05-PM-300x300A 123TokenMe user just called. Her family was on vacation when they realized, “We need a token board.” They searched for an app. Before they knew it, 123TokenMe was on their iPhone ready to assist their daughter.


Her question involved changing the number of tokens. An easy answer: Simply tap the student name. A screen pops up where all token system aspects (number of tokens, reminder time, token type, and background) can be modified. Additionally, target behaviors can be added from this screen. Now, back to your vacation.

On the iPhone, and out to eat!


Take Me anywhere my first iPhone version is out! Easy to use Me on the playground, while shopping, and in dozens of other situations. That’s 123TokenMe in the photo. Do you see where we are in this example? At a restaurant with Freddy’s Mom & Dad. They’ve always been hesitant to take Freddy out to eat because of behavior issues.


Since Freddy is familiar with 123TokenMe from his classroom iPad, Mom set up Quiet sitting at restaurant¬Ě as his target behavior. She chose ten tokens with a three minute reminder interval. If Freddy reaches his 30 minute goal, the whole family will celebrate with ice cream. That’s why Mom added an ice cream cone to the reward chest with her iPhone camera. This highlights what Freddy is working for. And, please don’t forget about Me, Mom and Dad. My favorite is butter pecan.


Great timing, since (right after ice cream) my flight leaves for the ABAI conference in Minneapolis. It’s always fun to have people try Me out for the first time, but this is better. Now attendees can put 123TokenMe on their iPhone while visiting my booth.

One step closer to the iPhone

IMG_0392-300x300Last week’s whiteboard drawing of Me is already outdated. My layout for the iPhone has progressed to this preliminary screenshot. Another week until my first Beta version.


Before you know it? Ring, ring. It will be Me- ready to assist you teach skills and improve challenging behaviors, directly from your iPhone. Very exciting!

123TokenMe is coming to the iPhone!

IMG_2879-300x300“Are you going to be on the iPhone?” has been asked a thousand times. Finally, an answer: “Yes!” The coding is close to complete, so the priority is my design layout. After all, my new vertical iPhone orientation needs to make Me look just as good as my horizontal iPad orientation.


Imagine how easy it will be for teachers, therapists, and parents to access the power of 123TokenMe now? Very exciting, because the iPhone will lead Me to many new places and behaviors.


Do you have an idea on how you will use 123TokenMe on the iPhone? If so, please use the Contact form under the “About” tab to send a comment. Thanks!¬†