Straight from Karoline’s imagination

Karoline is one of our five guest artists. Her first set of drawings included a fairy. A wonderful drawing, yet something was missing. A wand. We asked her if she would re-draw a fairy with this included, thinking we might use the wand for the token transformation. We were imagining a typical wand- one that ended in a flash of light showering magic fairy dust. What we received back, however, was much more special.


What is one of Karoline’s biggest joys?¬†Need a hint? It is the activity that produced that perfect smile on the “Meet Artists” page. The answer, of course, is drawing. So, we should not have been surprised that Karoline’s fairy wand was a paintbrush. Perfect. We are thrilled that Karoline has shared so much of the magic from her own wand with all of us.¬†