Hooray for School!

We borrowed copies of the CD’s that the teachers play in class and uploaded the tunes to our ipods at the house.  I was able to play “Hooray it’s time for School” every morning when we started back to school so that our son would know where we were going, and be a little more prepared for the routines.  I thought this was really helpful to give him a chance to learn the songs in a variety of settings.


Superman stampI remember a student whose parents had bought him a superman costume when he was three years old. This child had a particularly difficult time with anything new, and getting into a different outfit once at school, was near to impossible. Unfortunately our little superhero did not wear his costume that year, and had a rough time watching the other children in funny outfits, as well as all taking in all the other strange changes to his school day routine.

The next year, his parents with little hope for a different outcome sent the same superman costume for the Halloween parade and activities. This little super hero, with many of the same challenges from last year, had a persistent teacher and speech therapist determined to get a different outcome from last year’s meltdown. Singing one of superman’s favorite songs, the teachers modified the words of the song to reflect the actions of getting into the costume. Smiling and singing along, Superman morphed into a muscle enhanced superhero, complete with a red cape. Although his costume was a little short in the arms and legs, this little superhero couldn’t have been a better treat for his two teacher’s Halloween celebration!