It Takes a War

Susie playing cardsEveryone knows how to play War, the world’s simplest card game, right?  Thanks to Susie, I sure do.  Over twenty plus years we played hundreds of games.  War may be simplistic, but with Susie it anchored our relationship. In addition to sparking countless hours of together time, it helped me have a verbal relationship with a non-verbal individual. I became an expert:  Her furrowed brow of concentration when laying down cards, to her grin after each of her winning cards.  The lived for moment, though, was when Susie won the rare double tiebreaker.  Her grin quickly morphed into a full faced smile and culminated in a heartfelt happiness laugh that allowed me to glimpse pure joy.  Simple?  Maybe on the surface, but thanks to Susie, a lifelong lesson for me to always look deeper.