123TokenMe- Just $7.99 on Autism Awareness Day!

IOSAppIcon_v2_Token_512-300x300123TokenMe is being reduced to $7.99 on April 2nd- World Autism Awareness Day. This version works with unlimited students, so if your school district, or therapy provider, uses Apple’s Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) let them know this is the day to download it for their teachers and therapists.

At its core 123TokenMe is a powerful token system tool. Unlike old-fashioned token boards, though, it is highly motivating for learners, works with unlimited students and target behaviors, can be instantly personalized, and collects data. All this at a cost less than making one old-fashioned laminate and velcro board. Enjoy!

123TokenMe replaces old-fashioned token boards

Screenshot-of-123TokenMe-with-a-watermark-300x225At the most basic level, 123TokenMe replaces old-fashioned token boards. So, no more of the time and expense of laminating and velcroing. No more token boards that can not be updated to keep students interested.


Plus, 123TokenMe can be used to create individualized token boards for unlimited students and every one of their target behaviors and skills. Reinforcers can be added instantly, and it collects key data automatically.

123TokenMe to Florida

123TokenMe-makes-it-to-Florida-300x300A favorite sight from the FABA (Florida Association of Behavior Analysis) conference? Having attendees just introduced to Me return to demonstrate it to their colleagues. Very gratifying to watch 123TokenMe spread by word of mouth.


The Florida therapists, special ed teachers, and autism specialists all love the customization, engagement, and data collection of this app versus old-fashioned token boards. Since this is also true in California, there remains an entire country in between for the word of mouth to continue spreading.

A 123TokenMe introduction in just 79 seconds…

DJ-timer-back-to-30-seconds-and-awarded-tokens-reamin-the-same-300x300Are you still curious about 123TokenMe? Why you’ll find me from general ed settings, to autism classrooms, to ABA clinics, to homes, to speech therapy offices? Because it is a new standard for token systems, and uses positive reinforcement to assist teachers, therapists, and parents to improve behaviors and teach skills.


Unlike old-fashioned token boards, this iPad/iPhone tool is highly motivating for learners, collects data, and is easy to customize for students and behaviors.

Learn more in this short (79 second) YouTube.

Is there anything the iPad can’t do?

IMG_0554-300x225Yes, 123TokenMe on your iPad eliminates 100% of the paper, lamination, velcro & frustration of old-fashioned token boards. And yes, the iPad can supplant books and calendars. So, is there anything the iPad can’t do? Thanks to AnnQuiltAZ for sharing this video with the answer. Very short, so watch to the humorous end! The iPad changes everything, except…

Walmart and 123TokenMe

Screen-Shot-2013-06-02-at-6.38.49-PM-300x300How are Walmart and 123TokenMe alike? Data! Walmart CEO Mike Duke says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Data has never been collected by token boards. However, 123TokenMe generates key data that helps therapists and teachers with their program management decisions. 


How do Walmart and 123TokenMe differ? In 2012 Walmart sales were $443.9 billion. 123TokenMe? Not quite.

Token Board Frustration

The-missing-token-that-led-to-123TokenMe-300x300ABAI conference attendees weren’t surprised that 123TokenMe was conceived out of frustration. Token board frustration. In fact, these descriptions were shared: “Time consuming. Unsanitary- food, hair, yuck. They tear apart. Always losing tokens. Expensive. Hate to laminate. Learners lose interest.”


So, forget my engaging design. Data collection. Unlimited students. This therapist said it best: “We never have to make another token board? Awesome!”

And, the winners are…

And-the-twelve-winners-from-ABAI-are...-300x300A dozen lucky ABAI attendees that liked Me on Facebook are winners. Their iTunes gift cards were emailed. They’ve downloaded 123TokenMe. The last step is adding unlimited students. 123TokenMe is a free download for one student. This one child version is all most parents will ever need.


The winners have multiple student caseloads, so unlimited students are a must. Upgrading to unlimited is just $9.99, but it’s still fun to be chosen. The true winners? Any therapist, teacher, or behaviorist that uses 123TokenMe. They know firsthand the drudgery of making token boards. Each one costs over $10 to make, so having Me on their iPads and iPhones is a reason to smile. The biggest smiles, however, will emerge upon seeing their students respond.


Congratulations to these winners: Jenny M-TX, Jamie O-NY, Kelly G-MA, Tiffany T-IL, Kristi H-OH, Kara B-TX, Melissa L-CO, Wendy K-WA, Krystin K-IL, Karlyn G-MT, Tess G-IL, and Kelly T-WI. Now, start using Me to motivate your students!

123TokenMe- My worst day ever?

IMG_2767-300x225It was Kathy’s fault. She had Me excited for today. We left bright and early with the promise of a full day of work with several of her high school students. When we arrived at school, though, she was distracted by a colleague, and accidentally abandoned Me in the back seat. Unfortunately, my sound was turned off, so there was no way for Me to let her know. Thank goodness it wasn’t a hot day, or she would have ended up with 123TokenMe abuse on her record.


Did Kathy survive without Me? Barely. She had to make due with an old fashioned laminate and velcro token board. No data collection, poor student attention, and the return of the dreaded “Missing Token Syndrome.” Kathy went to award the last token, a laminated miniature dollar bill, and it was no where to be found. Aarggh! This was one of the frustrations that led Kathy and Summer to create Me in the first place.


Is there a happy ending? Yes. After dinner Kathy felt something tugging on her sweater. Sure enough, the missing dollar bill token was velcroed to the back of her sleeve. Too late to help her student, but a timely reminder about how much she had missed Me today.


What’s your 123TokenMe story?  Have you used Me in a creative way? Something funny or inspirational? Please share- we love hearing from users. In fact, feedback has been a big part of my design process. Thanks!

No rest over Labor Day weekend

IMG_0812-300x300It’s Labor Day Weekend. Friends are in town. The day has just begun. Breakfast is still being eaten. But, guess what? 123TokenMe is already wide awake and showing what it can accomplish.


Yes, good friends get the 123TokenMe tour also. In this case, Kathy found that showing several old fashioned token boards helped to quickly bring everyone up to speed on how things used to be done.


They could see how having a tool to replace multiple old fashioned token boards made great sense in a classroom. They also commented how useful 123TokenMe could be for parents, like them, that had never even heard of a token board. Since it is highly intuitive to use, anyone can start using it immediately to improve behaviors.


Unfortunately, they joked, it was about twenty years too late to benefit their children. Do you hear that Apple? Why did you wait so long to invent the iPad?