Oprah Would Approve

PuppyAs Oprah would say, I had an moment that changed me as a teacher. I recently bought a puppy. Easy enough, but one day puppy day care loomed. I did not anticipate how hard it would be to hand her over to a stranger. A very qualified stranger, but still a stranger. At that moment I realized how emotional this must be for my students parents. Here I am, almost in tears wondering if my pup is going to have fun and be watched. And this is just a puppy!


When I returned, I was given a real gifts¦ a report card with a picture. How important for parents to not only hear about their child’s day, but also to see it. This year I gave my parents the same gift on the first day of school. Because of their enthusiastic feedback, Its going to do it monthly.

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round

School BusOne thing I find as a bus driver for special needs that is very helpful for first time riders is having a tour of the school bus and a meet and greet with the driver well before the first day of school. This should help the child be more at ease when the driver picks them up for the first time at their home and it will also give the parents an opportunity to ask questions and hear the driver explain the rules. I also suggest that your school, aides for your children, and the bus driver have great communication with each other. Also a plan on how they will handle behavior on the bus or how the ride might be on the way home if the student has had a bad day at school.